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Episode Recap: Episode Four

The lookalike for One goes on the attack, only to reveal a disturbing truth about his doppleganger. Plus: Four's past exposed.


The gang discusses over breakfast what fun things they're going to buy with their riches, though their consumerist fantasies are squelched by the ever-realistic Two, who informs them that, after refueling, repair and docking costs, they're left with nada. They commence with scouring the ship for stuff to sell at the space station ... including their cargo of weapons. 

The space station sort of looks like a set from Blade Runner if it took place in Las Vegas. One and Three bribe a bartender to find a buyer for their guns while Six goes to the doctor to have his burned arm treated; meanwhile, Five proves herself as a butt-kicking gambler, and she and Two go to the casino to clean house.

One and Three arrive at the dark habitat of their buyer, though they're soon knocked out by knock-out gas, overseen by a mystery man with a face-covering helmet. They wake up to find themselves tied back-to-back in chairs, with nobody in sight.

Four takes his mysterious ring to a pawnshop, where the clerk assumes that it must be a very good knockoff of an extremely valuable ring belonging to somebody in "the Ishida line." When the clerk realizes it's genuine, he informs Four that the ring is not something you find, but something you kill for -- he wants no part of it and closes shop early, giving no further information to the frustrated Four.

In the rather depressing waiting room of the doctor's office, Six watches a commercial for Transfer Transit, technology that allows the client to rest comfortably in a pod whilst his or her clone endures the physical rigors of journeying to distant star systems. From there, the pleasant memories and experiences of exploring other worlds are transferred to the actual client. Neat! Kinda like Total Recall, but different. And, hmm ...

Meanwhile, the masked man reveals himself to his prisoners, One and Three: It's the other Jace Corso, who asks of One, "Who are you, and what are you doing with my face?"

Corso questions One about whether he's a clone, a long-lost twin or somebody who has had extensive reconstructive surgery to look like him. One explains his amnesia and Three tries to back him up, but Corso doesn't buy it. Then One has a question for Corso that may help them make sense of this existential dilemma: How did he find out that someone stole his identity in the first place?

Corso reveals that he first got an inkling of something fishy when he accepted a hot offer from a corporation to work with "the legendary Raza" in taking out a group of miners. The day Corso was supposed to join up, the Galactic Authority got an anonymous tip and raided his safe house, putting him on the run for a week. When he phoned his employers to apologize for missing the gig, they informed him that they saw him boarding with the rest of the crew. Crazy!

Corso's story fails to jog One's memory, so he resorts to torture with a shock stick. Three offers to give Corso the ship's entire weapons booty in exchange for his freedom (but not, of course, One's). Corso says he'll take the weapons ... and leaves One and Three tied up. Sigh.

At the casino, Two and Five are winning big ... so big, in fact, that a somewhat scary-looking guy in a suit starts to eyeball them. He signals to another scary-looking guy in a suit and they take Two and Five away, leaving their winnings at the table.

In a private room, the casino goons accuse Two and Five of cheating. When Five protests, the head goon slaps her, prompting Two to kill every single one of them with her bare hands. Both women are shocked and terrified by Two's mastery of violence, and they run like hell.

On the Raza, Corso shows up and just wheels out the weapons, as The Android doesn't realize that he's not One. In Corso's lair, One comes up with a plan to shift their seats over to the shock stick on a nearby table, which they'll use to zap through their metal straps. They work together to approach the table inch by inch and put their theory to the test. It hurts like hell.

Six finally gets in to see a doctor, who tells him that he'll need to form a new skin graft from his DNA in order to heal the burn wound. When the doctor puts Six's DNA sample into a computer, he sees a record of Six's crimes, along with a bold message to apprehend him. The suddenly nervous-looking doctor pushes a red button, which is never a good sign ...

Six begins to suspect that something's amiss when the doctor then tries to give him "an injection for the pain." Six grabs the needle and injects the doctor instead (don't mess with the Raza). He checks out the computer screen and gets outta there, taking advantage of the receptionist's total lack of interest in her job.

Two, Five and Six get back on the ship and agree that they need to get outta there, like, now ... but they can't reach One and Three. When the space station security alarm goes off, Two makes the call that they need to leave One and Three behind, but the odd couple show up at the last possible minute. Blast off!

The gang asks One and Three why they have no weapons and no money, after which Three "protects" One by making up a story about getting jumped by a gang. When One confronts him about his lie later, Three blackmails him into becoming his ally when it comes to swaying the crew's group voting sessions (obviously there's some political strategizing going on here, but maybe deep down Three just wants a friend. Maybe not.).

Two tries to talk to Five about her violent outburst, but Five will have none of it and runs away. Six and Two commiserate about the fact that they ended up worse off than when they started ... and they still don't know anything about their identities.

Well, that's not entirely true. The episode ends with Four watching a news program about the assassination of Emperor Ishida Tatsuyo by his own son, Crown Prince Ishida Ryo, who has killed and disfigured over 100 people and is on the run, unstable and extremely dangerous.

The displayed photograph of Ishida Ryo looks a heck of a lot like Four.