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Episode Recap: Episode Seven

Three's past becomes present while a new Android proves looks can kill.


Five wakes from a dream and runs into the hallway exclaiming that she's figured out the code to the mystery room: "Maplethorpe."

One shows up in Two's room, where he finds her wrapped in a towel. Amidst all the sexual tension, One tells her that the ship is operating below its optimum levels, they're continuing to run out of food and their water level has dropped. Days aboard the Raza always begin with good news.

Two tells him that everyone knows the ship is failing and there's nothing to do about it, and she thinks he came a'knockin' because he wants to know what's going on between them. She tells One that she's no longer an item with Three, but when he responds by making a move, she pushes him away, telling him that everything is too complicated. Sigh.

The gang enters the secret room, guns loaded. They find a bunch of locked boxes, a container of expensive computer chips, and … a female passenger, frozen in stasis! After thawing her out, The Android discovers that the woman is terminally ill with Teterance disease, a condition born of water contamination on planets where citizens mine cyrillium, and that she may only have a few days to live. An unusually caring Three says that they should freeze her again, but Two insists that they need to know what she knows.

In another trunk in the secret room, One finds a female android and her scandalous underwear. It turns out that she's Wendy, an "entertainment model" : she performs magic tricks, speaks with an Australian accent, sings and cooks! One and Six are obviously in love.

Meanwhile, the defrosted new passenger wakes up, hugs Three and cries "Marcus, thank God you're here!" with major love on her face. Everybody – especially Three – is very confused. The woman, whose name is Sarah, says that she's never been on the ship before and all she remembers is Marcus (Three) putting her into stasis and telling her that everything would be all right. 

Sarah reveals that anybody who stood up to the Ferrous Corporation in her neck of the woods was considered an outsider and a rebel. She had lost her husband in an uprising against Ferrous, which began when people on her planet started getting sick and dying because of the pollution caused by the Corporation. Three had been hired by the rebels to highjack a shipment of cyrillium, a mission that left most of the crew dead and Three injured. Sarah found him outside her house and nursed him back to health, during which they became lovers.

Wow, Three had a girlfriend … and a nice one, at that!

Meanwhile, Wendy serves an amazing dinner and makes flirty eyes at One. The Android seems a little jealous and reminds the crew that if she hadn't worked on the technical minutia on the ship they wouldn't be around to enjoy their dinner. Wendy gives The Android a smug, Stepford Wives-esque smile, and much tension ensues. Something about Wendy seems too good to be true …

One introduces Wendy to Four and tell him about the fabulous meal he missed. Four, ever the killjoy, says that he doesn't need pleasure or entertainment, but Wendy wins him over by giving him an awesome massage to improve his precision with weapons. The Android sees this and is not pleased.

Wendy follows One into his room and asks if he wants to take advantage of her training in "contemporary erotic techniques," like "dunking the cosmic donut." Two encounters them in the afterglow and gets a little jealous (let's be honest: she sort of deserves it). However, after One leaves, Wendy suddenly gets a creepy gleam in her eye as she takes, and loads, One's gun.

Three escorts Sarah to his room, where she tells him of when they were together. In a flashback, we see them living idyllically in a rural cabin. Three chops wood, she makes dinner, they kiss tenderly in bed. Then, one morning, Three wakes up and says that they've made a mistake: he's not the guy who stays, he's the guy who leaves. However, after Sarah became ill, he took care of her for the whole winter.

Five, sporting a pink streak in her hair courtesy of Wendy, finds the Android researching Teterance disease. Five assures The Android that just because they like Wendy doesn't mean that they don't appreciate her and asks her to give her a chance. Meanwhile, Two walks in on Wendy urgently analyzing data on a computer, claiming that she's trying to learn the ship's computer so she can be even more helpful. Uh-oh …

After Sarah suddenly collapses, Three rushes her to the infirmary, summoning The Android for help. On her way, The Android runs into Wendy and tells her that her presence no longer offends her and she apologizes for misjudging her. Wendy shoots her down (literally and figuratively) and heads for the ship's control panel.

While One, Two, Four and Six enjoy another of Wendy's fabulous meals, the doors to the mess hall close and they find themselves locked in. As the ship drops out of FTL, Wendy starts speaking with the voice of Cyrus King, a fella who sent her to get revenge on the Raza gang for killing everybody in his unit by burning them alive. He says that they will suffer the same fate, as the ship has been directed to fly into the nearest star.

Five, Three and Sarah are outside the mess hall, so Two gets on the ship's speaker system and instructs Three on an alternate way to shut down the ship's engines and buy them some time. Five worries that Three doesn't know how to work that machinery; he confirms that he doesn't, but Wendy doesn't know that he doesn't. He is bait to distract Wendy while Five tries to reconfigure the ship's direction in the main engine room. Before he leaves, Three puts Sarah back in stasis, promising not to rest until he figures out how to save her.

Three and Wendy engage in battle as Five tries –- and fails -- to access the ship's main navigation system. Three puts up a pretty good fight but Wendy kicks the crap out of him and slaps him silly, claiming that she's never found any pleasure in cooking, cleaning, and "dunking the cosmic donut." Finally, Four stabs her from behind and cuts off her head. Guess that massage worked!

Unfortunately, the group remains locked out of the navigation system and headed for a fiery abyss. Two connects Wendy's severed head to the computer system to access the new password as the power throughout the ship begins to go out. Unfortunately, re-attaching Wendy's head also revives her headless body, which begins attacking Three and Four. At the last second, Two finds the password and regains navigational control and Wendy's body is jettisoned.

Three finds that the power outage made Sarah's stasis fail, causing her to die as the disease ran its course. One blames himself for everything, since he's the one who wanted to activate Wendy. Three surprises us all by telling him that he didn't do anything wrong.

Later, Two visits One, who's now the one coming out of the shower in a towel, with news that the booty found in the secret room will get them enough money to fully repair the ship and even buy some luxury items. She also says that that maybe "complicated" isn't such a bad thing and presses the button that closes the bedroom door. Hot!