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Episode Recap: Episode Ten

The team must work with a group of psychotic outlaws. Trouble doesn't even begin to describe what happens next.


The Raza is under attack by the Ferrous Corporation, which informs them that they'll launch a missile that will destroy the ship in 30 seconds if they don't surrender. Suddenly, three Mikkei Corporation ships arrive, scaring the Ferrous ships away. Mikkei Commander Truffault, an ally to the Raza, wants to talk.

Truffault tells the group that, because they saved the miners, many think they've gone soft. She wants them to go to a research facility and steal a mysterious device. Two refuses when Truffault won't tell her exactly what they're stealing. Truffault gives them 24 hours to say yes, or lose Mikkei's support (i.e. make them vulnerable to Ferrous). 

The men hold a private meeting, with everyone except Six agreeing that they should take Truffault's offer. When One tells Two their decision, Two is surprised, as she thought they both wanted to get away from their criminal histories. She asks why One didn't come to her first, to which he says he won't always side with her just because they're sleeping together. She goes along with their wishes ... and tells One that they may have to stop sleeping together.

Meanwhile, The Android creates a virtual version of herself to observe her and make sure that she's running properly. Her clone says that she should reset her programming, but she says the crew doesn't want her to because they like her personality. The clone, who is only visible to The Android, makes The Android promise that she will tell them if there is something wrong with her. Five walks in and wonders why The Android is talking to herself.

The gang arrives at the rendezvous point to meet Truffault, guns in hand. They encounter a rough-looking goon and immediately find themselves surrounded by other gun-toting Mikkei employees. Commander Truffault announces that these are the Raza's new partners.

Truffault tells the crew their mission. They'll board a ship as maintenance workers and split up into teams; one team will go to the control center and the other will steal the device, which is housed in a heavily secured room. They only have about an hour ... and they can't use weapons, because if they accidentally hit the wrong control panel, the whole ship will explode.

Wexler, master safecracker and leader of the other gang, keeps sexually harassing Two. He grabs her neck and tells her to admit that strong, beautiful women really just want men to control them, so she breaks his bones and bruises his testicles. This poses a slight problem, as they're now down one man.

Two asks Five to join the mission. She accepts and they sneak her through security in a plumbing supply cart. They reach the heavily secured room and find that it's guarded by a male Android that will attack them if the power goes out. And then, of course, the power goes out.

The Male Android beats everybody up until Five uses their alternate electricity supply to shock him unconscious. Five, ever brilliant, then uses his power supply to open the door containing the mysterious device. Two restores power and everybody makes a run for it. They find the exit guarded by men with nasty-looking tasers, though Four comes to the rescue, sword in hand.

Back on the Raza, a bruised and battered Wexler wants to hold on to the stolen device, though Two insists that they put it in their storage room. Wexler deactivates The Android with a taser and the other rival team members pull guns on the rest of the Raza crew, who had been celebrating a heist well done. In the control center, Two finds the unconscious Android and Wexler tasers her.

Two wakes up, trapped in the ship's prison cell while the rest of the group watches her on a monitor. Wexler tells them that he'll blow her into space if they don't surrender the code to the storage room. After Wexler also threatens Five, Three surrenders the code.

Wexler informs Two that the collective bounty on the Raza crew is worth as much as the stolen device; their plan is to to turn them all in to the authorities, take the entire payment from the Mikkei Corporation for the device, and keep the Raza for themselves. He sexually harasses Two one more time and presses a button that seems to send her flying into space!