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Episode Recap: Episode Three

As secrets about One and Five come to light, the team must unite to save one of their own.


Things are peaceful aboard the Raza, relatively speaking. Three suggests that when they reach the space station they split up the profits and go their separate ways, whilst One, ever the idealist, thinks they should stick together. As usual, Two proclaims what they will do: refuel, repair, and anybody who wants to go can have their share of the cargo. However, she refuses to sell the ship. Three urges the gang to band together against Two, though, as usual, nobody wants any part of it (Three's inability to persuade anybody of anything is oddly endearing).

Five just wants to hang out but most of the crew members treat her like a pesky little sister. She starts crawling through the vents again ... and stumbles upon a storage room housing a dead boy! The Android discerns that he was shot in the kidney and bled to death, though she's unable to identify him. The crew wonders if one of them is responsible for this horrid act, though Two says that there's no use musing over lost memories and suggests they jettison the body at the next available opportunity. One, again complicating plans with his charming but inconvenient morality, is against this idea, though Two warns that it would be a mistake to show up at a space station with a dead body on board. Truth.

Later, Four is showing off some of his kickass moves when Three tries to get him to team up with him in encouraging the group to sell the ship. Three says that he doesn't know enough about himself or the rest of the crew to change the status quo, but if he did become "dissatisfied" with the current arrangement, he'd take the ship for himself. Such attitude, that one. Three later shows Four the big, ominous door and asks if he can use his awesome moves to open it. Four declines and walks away.

Five tells Six that she feels bad about the boy because he's about her age, and she probably knew him. She says that something told her to stop and look in the room where she found him, as if she'd been there before and knew there was something to find. She confesses to Six that she thinks she might still have at least some of her memories.

Six confronts Two, who knew about this, and she finally announces to the group that Five has been having memories that seem to belong to multiple people. It's possible that the memories of everybody on board have seeped into her subconscious; what's worse, she has a memory of one of the crew members sabotaging the ship and plunging everyone into Amnesia Land. Then, as if responding to all of the drama, the ship malfunctions.

It turns out that the Raza turned off several of its functions to avoid blowing a fuse that would vaporize the entire ship. Three accuses Five of using her tech skills to tamper with the ship, and The Android states that sabotage is not out of the question. One asks The Android to use her super-senses to give lie detector tests to everybody on board. All but Three take it and pass.

In the middle of Three's test, The Android senses that an unusually high concentration of gamma radiation has bombarded the hull of the ship -- within three hours it will expose everybody on board. The Android believes that this is the result of the ship's encounter with a Type 1A Supernova, but Three is convinced it's sabotage.

The Android goes outside into the radiation storm and successfully replaces the ship's faulty part, though soon after is hit by an electro static discharge that shuts her down. One, Two, Five and Six go to save The Android, foolishly leaving the hull to Three and Four, who consider The Android expendable and set the ship to return to FTL. Two rushes back to lay down the law, prompting a gun-toting face-off, though Five soon clips Three's wings by telling him that she snuck into his room and stole all of his ammunition. Two monitors Three and Four while One and Six go back to rescue The Android. They all get back on board right in time for the ship to return to FTL without taking a radiation bath.

The Android continues Three's lie detector test, and he passes. If one of them did sabotage the ship, then he or she wiped his or her own memory as well. The Android suggests that this might have happened by accident, as the memory-wiping code was crude and perhaps rushed. Two says that discovering who sabotaged the ship will be next to impossible, so they best be moving on.

Later, One enters the gym and admires Two beating the hell out of a punching bag. They discuss what to do with "the mutineers," and come to the conclusion that they ultimate didn't mean any harm. Furthermore, The Android analyzed the part she replaced and found that it really was defective: There was no sabotage. One holds Two's feet while she does some extremely enviable crunches ... and he kisses her. She gives him a "WTH!" look and he awkwardly excuses himself. Two looks confused ... and sort of into it.

While morosely hanging out in the room where she found the corpse, Five comes upon a canister with a computer chip and a gun inside. Hmm!

Meanwhile, in a seedy bar at the space station, we hear a man's voice tell the bartender that he's looking for the Raza and has some unfinished business with someone on board. We soon see this man looks exactly like One, and identifies himself as "Jace Corso." Zoinks!