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Episode Recap: Episode Two

To protect a mining colony, the team must face off against those that hold the key to their past.


Grappling with new knowledge about their identities, the crew of the Raza questions whether they're going to have to kill the innocent miners ... or betray Ferrous, the evil corporation that hired them, and face the consequences.

The Android asks Five why she's upset (she knows because she can smell Five's pheromones, as androids do). Five regrets that she was the only one on board whose data wasn't rescued; she doubts that she's a member of the crew, doesn't understand her purpose and wishes she were part of the team. The Android tells her that, at some point, she may feel lucky to be separate from the group.

One suspects that he has the "savior necklace" because he and his fellow crew members killed the saviors and heisted their delivery ... and proposes they join forces with the miners to fight the Ferrous Corporation. Two angrily tells him that it would be a suicide mission and that it's useless trying to make up for his past crimes by killing himself. They will stick to the plan: give the miners half of the weapons on board, and escape.

One, Three, Four and Six journey to the mining planet and distribute the weapons, after which they're invited to stay for "song and drink." Back on the Raza, Five tells Two that their memories weren't erased by accident: somebody stole them. The Android warns Two that another ship, a Ferrous Corporation destroyer, is about to land on the planet.

One tries to convince Six that they should stay with the miners and fight. Six blows him off as one of the miners rushes in to tell them of the pending danger. Two contacts a crew member on the destroyer and urges them to back off and let the Raza complete the job. He responds that it's too late, as a contingency plan has been enacted.

Scary men in black military gear give the miners one last chance to surrender. One warns the leader of the Ferrous crew that the members of the Raza have joined forces with the miners ... and that Ferrous best be finding another planet to exploit. After defeating Ferrous' troops in an epic shoot-out, One, Three, Four and Six urge the miners to take sanctuary on their ship ... and give up on a war they can't win. One miner calls them a bunch of cowards, but the miner leader says that it's their own battle to fight and they'll be fine once more help comes. One feels guilty, as always.

Back on the Raza, Two tells Five to go hide as she welcomes Commander Nemen, a Ferrous representative, on board. Five retreats to an air duct and crawls through it, ending up in Four's bedroom, where she finds his mysterious puzzle box ...

On the main concourse, the Android tries to make awkward small talk with Ferrous guards while Two and Nemen negotiate. The Commander offers to forgive the crew of the Raza for taking money and not fulfilling their duties if they simply turn the ship away, leaving leave One, Three, Four and Six on the planet to face the music for shooting Ferrous personnel. He offers to throw in extra money for her, and she seems interested ... leaving us to wonder if Two's actually a ruthless type who would abandon her own crew!

One, Three, Four and Six get on the Marauder to head back to the ship, only to find it gone! The men join the miners after all. Four interrogates a Ferrous hostage and learns that the corporation plans to wipe out the miners by causing their old equipment to go boom and making it look like an accident.

The gang stands guard around the equipment, where Six tells them they may have a chance in this battle if they take out the Corporation's ship, which he could do with the Marauder. His fellow crew members prefer to "stand together and die together," but Six insists that it's the only way, and they agree.

Meanwhile, some of the more cowardly miners offer to help the Ferrous hostage if he'll guarantee their safety. The hostage agrees, and they all corner Six as he prepares to take off in the Marauder these miners. At the same moment, One gets word on his communicator that the Ferrous ships have landed, prompting a final stand against the evil coporation ... one that involves huge guns, chains, swords, acrobatic moves and even head butting.
On the Raza, Two introduces Commander Nemen to her new allies, Commanders Sakey and Truffault. Sake informs Nemen that the planet and its inhabitants now fall under the protection of the Mikkei Combine and he and his troops are in violation of galactic charter. Nemen complains that Two violated their deal. "I got a better offer," she replies. (Bad. Ass.) 

As One, Three, Four and Six safely return to the Raza, Two reveals that she gave the Mikkei Combine a 99-year lease on the mining planet for free in exchange for their safety. Mikkei gets to screw over Ferrous, and if Ferrous ever comes back with a counter-offer, the miners get 20%. What a deal!

So what's next for the Raza? They're off to a space station where they'll refuel and decide what to do with their lives. In the meantime, Two says, the gang can "get to know each other."

Later, Four finds a ring inside his nouveau Rubik's Cube, which Five apparently solved (remember, she has all of their pre-amnesia memories, she just can't tell whose memory is whose). Three keeps trying to open the secret door. And Five tells Two that she knows somebody erased their memories because she remembers placing a virus in the computer (except it's not her memory — it's somebody else's!). She doesn't know who did it, but she knows why: Because the crew is dangerous. But to whom?