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5 Questions We Still Have About Dark Matter Season 2

Who's dead? Who's not? And other pressing issues.

By Bryan Enk

With last week's season finale, we must once again say goodbye to Dark Matter and commence with the long wait for the next season. It's an endurance test that can only make us stronger in the end.

Dark Matter Season 2 was chock full of action, intrigue, surprises ... and more than a few unanswered questions. Here are the pressing issues that we hope will be resolved in Season 3.

  1. Who's Dead? Who's Not?


    The final image for Season 2 had The Android cradling a poisoned Nyx as EOS-7 went ka-boom all over the place. We know Four, er, Ryo made it out after sabotaging the station, but what are the current statuses of Two, Three, Five and Six (and Nyx, at that)? We hope they're all okay.

    (And come to think of it, is Devon for sure dead, too? When last we saw him, he was stabbed and left for dead by the Seers.)
  2. What Will the Corporate War Involve?


    So it looks like the destruction of EOS-7 will be the event that triggers all-out war between the Corporations. How will this war be fought? Are they just going to go around having angry meetings and blowing up each other's space stations? And what role will the Raza crew play (if they're alive)?
  3. What's Four, er, Ryo Gonna Do With the Blink Drive?


    The new Emperor has gone on and on about how the Blink Drive is going to help him turn the tide of Zairon's war against Pyr. Well, he's now in possession of the Blink Drive ... so how's he going to use it?
  4. What's Up With Lt. Anders?


    When last we saw the bruised and battered Three, he was being approached by Lt. Anders, Six's former Galactic Authority colleague whom we saw gunned down way back in Season 2, Episode 2. How did he survive, and what does he want with Three?
  5. What Villains Will Return in Season 3?


    Two's creator, Alexander Rook, is still on the loose. There's also a whole bunch of ruffians in the alternate universe, including Alternate Jace Corso. And we doubt we've seen the last of the increasingly menacing Android Simulation. Which of these are still players in the game, and what moves will they be making?

Dark Matter Season 3 commences June 9 at 8/7c