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Episode Recap: But First We Save the Galaxy

The Raza crew try to prevent intergalactic war, but will one of their own betray them?


Thanks to their recent journey to an alternate reality courtesy of the Blink Drive, the Raza gang knows the Ferrous Corporation is going to make a bomb go boom during the upcoming Council of Corporations on EOS-7, thus sparking all-out corporate war. Two and Three convince Commander Truffault of the Mikkei Combine to help them infiltrate the space station to find the weapon, which involves Five donning a blond wig and going undercover as Truffault's assistant.

Commander Niemen of the Ferrous Corporation is at the convention, accompanied by his handsome young assistant, Arien, who commences with flirting with Five. No time for love, though, Dr. Jones — Five works her tech genius to give the Raza full access to the station's security cameras. From there, Two, Three and Six don their corporate duds and take the Marauder to the station, using their nifty handheld devices to scan for the terrium-based weapon.

Making things a little more complicated is the fact that Ryo Ishida, formerly known as Four, is at the convention representing Zairon. This doesn't sit well with Chief Inspector Kierken, who's in charge of security at the event and still has it out for the Raza crew.

It would seem that Ryo might have it out for his old crew members, too, as he sends two of his thugs to apprehend Five. Fortunately, Arien comes to the rescue, though the facial wound he suffers during the scuffle reveals that he's an android! Sheesh, Five finally finds a boyfriend and he's a damn robot? At least he's a cute one … and one chock full of charm and emotion, thanks to his illegal upgrade.

Meanwhile, Arien's owner, Commander Nieman, seems to have nothing but motive for blowing up the station as he's just lost a major vote with the council. Ryo's becoming a major player in this conspiracy, too, as he feels that all-out corporate war will make for a turning point for his war-torn Zairon. All he needs is the Blink Drive, though Two refuses to hand it over.

By this point, Five has figured that Arien himself is the bomb, and she appeals to the compassion and kindness inherent in his upgrade to help her find a way to shut it down. Arien takes desperate measures and spaces himself, exploding from a safe distance but still rattling the station enough to put it on lockdown, during which Six is apprehended by Kierken and Three is beaten to a pulp by Nieman's goons.

Meanwhile, Ryo, accompanied by Misaki Han, manages to take an Ishida shuttle to the Raza, where he shuts down The Android and steals the Blink Drive. Unbeknownst to Ryo, Misaki runs into Nyx, whom Ryo had asked to be his Empress earlier in the episode. Using her cognitive abilities, Nyx is able to anticipate Misaki's moves, though she's able to get in one good cut … and that's enough, as Misaki's blade was poisoned! Nyx collapses, seemingly dead.

As Ryo and Misaki take off in the Ishida shuttle, Ryo remotely reactivates The Android and tells her to get the crew back to the Raza … because the station is going to be destroyed in 20 minutes. Four, what have you done?!

It ends up being a lot less than 20 minutes, as Kierken finds the Ishida goon ready to push the red button. Kierken shoots him, but the goon manages to activate the procedure with his dying finger, causing a series of explosions to go off around the station. Kierken is seemingly killed in the blast, and from there we follow our anti-heroes as they each meet different fates while EOS-7 starts going ka-boom all over the place …

Six's cell shield is deactivated, allowing him to run down a corridor toward an unknown destiny …

A bruised and battered Three is discovered by Lt. Anders, the Galactic Authority office whom Six supposedly gunned down way back in Episode 2 of this season …

An explosion in a corridor knocks out Two …

... and it would appear that Five manages to escape with Commander Truffault.

On board the Raza, The Android cradles an unconscious Nyx as EOS-7 blows sky high.

Whew! End of Season 2.