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Episode Recap: Going Out Fighting

Two's nanites are failing, leading to a dangerous rescue mission that brings the Raza face to face with an old foe.


Nyx and Four totally have sex, though they try to pretend like it's no big deal. What is a big deal is that Two's nanites are about to completely shut down, which will result in a rather unpleasant death for our Miss Portia Lin. Time for the Raza gang to gets its ass to Earth … specifically, the headquarters of Dwarf Star Technologies, the company run by Two's creator, Alexander Rook (you remember him — he's the guy who kind of looks like Wil Wheaton with a beard).

Dwarf Star is all about the security, as its Earth headquarters is actually a 'space elevator' that leads to an off-planet station. Three and Nyx do a little recon in the lobby and discover that access to the elevator can only be granted via retinal scan. The gang tracks down Eric Waver, the only Dwarf Star scientist to show Two any compassion, who invites his two work colleagues over for what they think is going to be a boys' night of feasting on House of Frying Daggers (Fists of Curry was closed). Thanks to the Android's latest gadget, Three and Six can absorb their retinal configuration in order to pass the scan. Technology!

Eric, Three and Six pass the retinal scan and are space-elevated to the space station, where they track down the new and improved nanites for Two. Unfortunately, they're captured by the ever-maniacal Alexander Rook, who locks up Three and Six and has Eric shot for his lack of loyalty. Later, Rook interrogates Three as to Two's whereabouts; when Three doesn't talk, Rook introduces him to … well, it's kind of hard to explain. Some sort of black liquid-thing? With tentacles. We're not quite sure what it does to Three, but when he's taken back to the cell, Six notices he's a little … out of it.

Meanwhile, Two is worried that she hasn't heard from Three and Six and gets The Android to cook her up a little something that will keep her from keeling over for a little while. The Android also discovers another way into the space station: a sealed-over hangar that's the perfect size for the Marauder. Hey, who needs a door when you've got a Blink Drive, right?

As Four frees Three and Six from their cell, Two heads for the lab to snag the new nanites. She finds the boxes empty, much to the smug glee of Alexander Rook, who taunts the ailing 'Rebecca' (remember, that's what he calls her) for being his "professional failure." Rook then introduces Two to his new and improved prototype, a hulking warrior chock full of the new nanites who proceeds to throw Two all over the room. Rook flees the scene as Nyx shows up, followed by Four, who makes short work of the behemoth with his sword.

Two has since collapsed, though Six comes up with the idea to take a blood sample from the slain prototype and inject it — new nanites and all — into Two. It works, as Two soon regains consciousness and the Raza gang retreats, content to fight Alexander Rook another day.

Back on the Raza, Six tells Two about Three acting strangely. They knock him unconscious and put him in quarantine, where he comes to and pulls an Invasion of the Body Snatchers-style freakout, letting out a horrifying shriek. They knock him out again and put him in a stasis pod, though when the black liquid tentacle creature thing (again, it's kinda hard to explain) starts to exit Three's body through his eyes, nose and mouth (it's freaky), they pull Three from the pod and space the thing out the airlock.

"What was on our ship?" asks a stunned Two. Hey, we're just glad it's gone!

The episode ends with Three seemingly back to normal, reluctantly acknowledging that Six has once again participated in saving his life. Oh, and The Android seems to have gone on some sort of impromptu vacation … when last we see her, she's waking up in some sort of lovely bedroom, the wintry woods revealed through the all-glass walls. What gives?