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Episode Recap: I've Seen the Other Side of You

When the Raza crew's memories are wiped again, it’s Five vs. her murderous, sadistic, pre-amnesiac shipmates.


Life is getting back to normal for the crew of the Raza … except for the fact that Six is in stasis after getting shot and there are three strangers (oh, and ex-cons) on board: Arax, Devon and Nyx, who have been given extremely limited access to areas of the ship because, well,  Two doesn't trust them.

Oh, and One's dead. Two tells Three that One could've taken revenge for the murder of his wife, but he didn't … and now somebody whacked him. What are they gonna do about it? From the looks of it, Two's ready to take on every single corporation - Ferrous, Mikkei, you name it, 'cause she's tired of being their puppet.

Meanwhile, The Android is unable to establish a neural link with the Raza due to all the poking and prodding done to her while she was a guest at Hyperion-8. Her nanites can repair the damage, but she'll need to shut down for 32 hours. Sleep tight, Android! Feel better.

As The Android slumbers, the Raza's computer continues to scan for neural imprints … and seems to have found some. Namely, those of Portia Lin (Two), Marcus Boone (Three) and Ryo Tetsudo (Four). Huh …

Three and Four visit the infirmary, complaining of major headaches. Popping pills doesn't seem to help at all as they soon cry out in pain and pass out. Five freaks out and calls for Two but finds her unconscious as well.

Five reactivates the Android Projection (remember her? She's just like The Android except she wears red instead of blue and is more condescendingly judgmental) and asks what the heck she should do, as the real Android is still sawing logs. Android Projection suggests enlisting the help of Devon, who's got medical training, after all. But can Five trust him? What choice does she have, really?

As Devon gets Three and Four situated in the infirmary (Five won't let him examine Two in her room 'cause she's a secret genetically engineered super-woman and all), Arax tells Five about a certain out-of-the-way space station he knows about where they could lay low for a while. They've got a top-notch medical facility and everything! Five reluctantly allows Arax access to the Raza's navigation, though after she's left the bridge, he contacts Alicia Reynaud, the tough-as-nails businesswoman we met last episode. "Arax! I've been waiting for your call," she says. Uh-oh …

Actually, that's nothing compared to what happens next …

Later in the corridor, Five runs into Two, gun in hand and with seemingly no memory of any "green-haired little girl" in her life. When Five mentions Two's nanites, Two freaks out and accuses her of being in cahoots with Alexander Rook (the guy who created Two, who looks a little like Wil Wheaton with a beard). She's about to mess up Five something fierce when Arax shows up, whom Two roughs up instead as Five scurries out of there.

Back in the infirmary, Three and Four wake up and attack Devon, whom they don't recognize. Referring to each other by their real names and not by their number designations, they regroup with Two and capture Five, throwing her into the storage pantry with Arax and Devon.

It turns out that the crew of the Raza, before they went into stasis and had their memories wiped, uploaded their brain scans as a precautionary measure in case The Android was ever compromised. As the Raza's computer searched for active neural links, it found those of Two, Three and Four … and effectively 'reset' them to the day they uploaded their brain scans, 14 months ago.

Which means Two, Three and Four are once again badass wanted criminals who really aren't very nice.

Three suddenly freaks out about the vault and the contents inside. He tells Five to give him the code to open the door, after which Five mentions Sarah, Three's ladylove who was found frozen in the vault and later died in Season 1. A heartbroken and surprisingly sentimental Three opens one of his lockboxes and finds a green necklace, a piece of jewelry he was going to give back to Sarah "when she got better." Awww!

The bittersweet moment is short-lived as Two announces that she's learning how to neurally link with the ship, courtesy of her nanites and general superhuman-ness. She gets off on the feeling of power it gives her, much to Four's discomfort.

Nyx, who's been MIA for a lot of this, suddenly reappears and rescues Five, Arax and Devon from the storage pantry, armed with weapons she stole from Three's room. Arax, Nyx and Devon head to the bridge to turn off the neural link as Five heads for the infirmary.

En route to the bridge, Arax, Devon and Nyx run into Three and Four and a gunfight ensues. Two uses her ever-increasing control over the ship to isolate Arax, Devon and Nyx and prepares to shoot them out of the airlock as she orders Three and Four to get to the infirmary and kill the meddling Five.

In the infirmary, Five uses her access to Two's memories (remember, she has all of the crew's memories rattling around in her cute little brain) to set up a neural link of her own. The Android Projection recommends using Two's memories against her, such as making her relive a moment when she was at her most vulnerable …

Suddenly, Two has been transported to a dark alley, where she's wearing something similar to hospital scrubs. Five is there, taunting her about how something bad happened to her there. Two punches Five over and over to no effect, whereas Five beats down Two with ease. She's about to finish off the bloodied and terrified Two when she gets a hold of herself, suddenly treating Two with compassion, saying she knows she was treated like a slave when she was with Alexander Rook and hunted down like an animal when she escaped. Five says she's seen the other side of her and wants her friend back.

After that rousing session of tough love, Two severs the neural link, collapsing unconscious in her room. Three and Four collapse in the corridor.

Later, the reactivated Android tends to Two, Three and Four, who are now back to normal (so to speak). The Android reveals that their memories are indeed intact and if they download the brain scans they uploaded to the computer, they could get them back … and since no neural link is involved, they would retain their current memories as well.

But reinstating those memories means they would be, well, a-holes again. The point well taken, Two, Three and Four opt to not go through with it … for now.

Later, Five visits Three in his room and gives him his lockbox, in which he finds an old toy rocket ship … and the green necklace, which Five says belonged to Sarah. A moved Three thanks her. The old softie!

After Five leaves, Three rummages through the other items in his lockbox and takes out a strange tech device about the size of a toaster. He accidentally activates it, after which it begins to hum and glow an intense blue …

The episode ends at a food kiosk somewhere out there in space. A man we will come to know as Gar tells a man we will come to know as Tanner that they just picked up a signal from one of the subspace transponders … sent by Marcus Boone. The name seems to have a distinct effect on Tanner.