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Episode Recap: Kill Them All

Five and Six plan to rescue their imprisoned teammates while one of the Raza find themselves the object of interest for a new enemy.


Commander Lee Shaddick, Chief Inspector of the Galactic Authority Serious Crimes Division, seems to really have it in for the crew of the Raza. She questions each of them about their involvement in the delivery of the 'white hole technology' to a Mikkei Combine lab that led to the complete destruction of Iriden 3 … and the deaths of 15,000 people (as seen at the end of Season 1). Shaddick knows the Raza was there when it happened … but she needs proof.

And she's willing to cut a deal for that proof (as she can't seem to get it from The Android, who refuses to dump her files): full immunity in exchange for testimony that puts the Raza at the scene of the crime. Though so far, no one's biting.

Meanwhile, Two, Three and Four are still enjoying the luxuries of being amongst the general population of Hyperion-8, though at least it looks like they've found a true ally in the form of Nyx. Unfortunately, Nyx isn't there to help them when they're suddenly put on waste disposal duty (fun!), a detail that takes a sinister turn when Bruno, the thuggish foreman, locks them in the incinerator under orders from Warden Treihan, who's been told by the Traugott Corporation to get rid of the Raza gang as quickly as possible (remember, the Raza crew stole the white hole technology from Traugott and delivered it to their corporate rival, the Mikkei Combine). Luckily, it's Arax to the rescue, who puts the Raza gang under his personal protection … in exchange for being in on any escape attempt they might be planning. Hey, the more the merrier, right?

Busting out of Hyperion-8 is easier said than done, though luckily Three gets an assist from an unlikely source and surprise visitor: Commander Delaney Truffault of the Mikkei Combine. Via some sort of optical device (that glows green!), she transfers the entire layout of the prison to Three, which he then illustrates with lipstick underneath the mattress in his cell. The gang now knows what's where and what's what, including restricted areas.

They still need a ship, though, 'cause the shuttles that make the scheduled supply runs have been canceled until further notice upon the Warden suspecting some sort of prison break. Wouldn't you know it, there's an Ishida cruiser en route to pick up Four and transport him to his home planet for execution (remember, everyone still thinks he killed the Emperor). The escort? Misaki Han, the new Commander of the Royal Guard.

Now all they need to do is light the fuse …

First, Five tells Shaddick that she'll order The Android to download her files incriminating the Raza crew in the Iriden 3 incident (The Android has to comply with any direct order given by a crew member of the Raza). That's just to get her in the room with The Android, though — the order that Five really gives is "Kill them all," which The Android obliges as she slaughters the entire Galactic Authority unit … including Commander Shaddick.

Back in general population, Two and Three start a riot, which prompts the Warden to initiate security protocol: the sonic whistle that renders everyone but the guards unconscious. Two recovers quickly and attacks head guard Durand, taking his weapon and keys to the control room. She changes the frequency of the sonic whistle and this time the guards collapse in pain.

Accompanied by The Android, Five traverses the prison corridors, lugging a really big energy gun (nicknamed 'Bubba') that comes in handy when a few guards manage to regain consciousness. Five even uses her new weapon to cut short the rather impressive sword fight between Four and Misaki, blowing Four's nemesis across the room.

Finally, Two, Three, Four, Five, The Android, Nyx, Arax and Devon (the nice prisoner who works in the infirmary) meet up with Six, who's been reinstated as a crew member of the Raza upon his complete disillusionment with the Galactic Authority. Their boarding of the Ishida shuttle is interrupted by Six's GA colleague Anders, who manages to get a shot in as Six seemingly shoots him to death. Three somewhat reluctantly helps Two get the wounded Six onto the shuttle and they blast off toward the Raza, which has been docked in orbit above Hyperion-8.

On board the Raza, Devon informs the crew that Six is in bad shape from his gunshot wound and won't last 24 hours. They put him in cryogenic stasis in the hopes that freezing him will at least keep his wound from getting any worse.

The crew then watches a newscast that confirms the death of Derrick Moss, aka One. Two is rather heartbroken … and Three is surprisingly sympathetic, putting a hand on her shoulder.

The episode ends with Alicia Reynaud, a fast-talking, tough-as-nails businesswoman, being told by her assistant, Mars Hughes, that the Raza gang has escaped from Hyperion-8. "Now let's go get them," she says, taking a particular interest in Five, whom she calls 'Pumpkin.'