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Episode Recap: She's One of Them Now

To steal a powerful transportation device, the Raza must break into one of the galaxy's most secure compounds.

The Raza gang tracks down Tabor Calchek, their fast-talking, excitable and more than a little shady handler (who looks a lot like Rodney McKay from Stargate: Atlantis). They're willing to forgive him for selling them out to Two's creator, Alexander Rook, in exchange for intel on Alicia Reynaud. He tips them off that Reynaud only travels via Transfer Transit, which allows Five to hack into her account and track down her original point of departure.

Thanks to their recent heist, the Raza crew can now afford three of their own Transfer Transit pods. It's decided that Three, Four and Five will clone up and invade Reynaud's headquarters, where their mission is to find out just what in the heck is up with this key card that Reynaud is so hot to get her hands on.

Elsewhere on the Raza, Nyx has asked Devon for drugs in order to help her cope with the recent death of her brother, Milo. Devon refuses, after which Nyx accuses him of being a user himself. Devon gets defensive but admits his own addictions, after which he consents to Nyx's request. Later in Nyx's quarters, The Android attempts to comfort her in her time of grief. As the Raza recently lost One, The Android assures Nyx that she's not alone in her feelings of sadness. Sisters!

Meanwhile, the Transfer Transit clones of Three, Four and Five arrive in Alicia Reynaud's headquarters, where it's revealed through Five's computer wizardry that the key card is part of a 'Blink Drive' that allows a ship to create wormholes that allow instantaneous travel across great distances. All the Raza would need to implement this amazing technology is the adapter located in the lab four floors above …

Three, Four and Five commandeer some employee uniforms and track down the adapter, though their failure at providing the proper password results in alarms going off. Three and Four are captured as Five manages to escape and hide with the adapter.

Through all of this, Tabor Calchek has been along for the ride and confined to a room on the Raza, much to his chagrin. The Android consents to his claims of claustrophobia and escorts him to the infirmary, where he marvels at her recent emotional upgrade. When Calchek wonders what the point of upgrading an older model like her would be, The Android gets defensive, recalling her time with Victor and the other upgraded androids. Calchek, surprised and intimidated by her hostility, shuts up (for a change).  

Oh, at least one person has noticed Calchek is missing. His ladyfriend, Perelandra, found his apartment in shambles and called the Galactic Authority. The investigative team accesses the security cam footage, which reveals Calchek being taken away by the Raza crew … much to the interest of the man in charge, Chief Inspector Kierken (the GA bigwig who revealed his obsession with bringing down the Raza gang when they went after Jace Corso).

In a corridor of the Raza, Nyx finds a very drunk Devon on the floor, clutching an almost-empty whiskey bottle. Devon expresses his envy of the Raza crew losing their memories, as he'd give anything for a fresh start himself … even if it was just in his own head. He confesses that his own drug addiction led to the tragic death of a 12-year-old girl. Nyx tells him that the path to redemption begins with making better choices and returns the drugs he gave to her earlier.

Back at Reynaud Central, the captured Three and Four are visited by Alicia, who's thrilled that the Raza is in the vicinity and she'll soon be in possession of Five's key card. She has one of her thugs beat them up, though Five soon comes to the rescue and shoots their attacker (Five in particular rocks in this episode, in case you hadn't noticed). As Five is unable to free Three and Four from their bonds, she shoots them, destroying the clones and having them wake up in their Transfer Transit pods back on the Raza with no memory of what happened (remember, if someone's clone is killed, the host will have no memory of the trip because the clone's experiences weren't downloaded to the host's consciousness).

Alicia Reynaud's tech nerd manages to track down the Raza and soon a full-blown Reynaud Warship (this woman is loaded!) shows up and opens fire. Two and Six pick up Five and the adapter in the Marauder and reunite with the Raza, which jumps to FTL just in time.

On board the Raza, Five's clone is disintegrated and the real Five wakes up in the Transfer Transit pod. And now the Raza has its own Blink Drive! Six is all gung-ho about using it to take on the various corporations, but Two says they have to test it first.

But before that, they have to drop Tabor Calchek off at the nearest space station. Devon asks Two for some time off the ship, to which she agrees; worried that Devon's going to go on a self-loathing bender, Nyx says she'll accompany him. He agrees to meet her at the space station's bar later.

Two, Three, Four, Five, Six and The Android are ready to test the Blink Drive. The Android activates it, which unleashes a piercing shriek … after which the Raza disappears into thin air! If the Blink Drive worked, they're now 160 light years away. But did it work ...?

On the space station, Devon is cornered in a corridor by Hansmeed and a group of his Seers. They predicted that Devon would end up at the space station and demand to know the location of the Raza, as they want Nyx back. Devon tells them he has no idea where the Raza went, after which one of Hansmeed's associates stabs him in the stomach! They leave Devon to bleed to death on the floor.

The episode ends with Nyx in the space station bar, alone, wondering why Devon is so late in meeting her. Argh!!