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Episode Recap: Sometimes in Life You Don't Get to Choose

Four makes a move to reclaim the throne, but is he willing to sacrifice everything for it?


Four has reinstated his memories and come up with a plan to reclaim his throne as Emperor of Zairon. First, he regains the loyalty of some of Zairon's top officers, including his trusted ally, General Drago.

Next, Four confronts his stepbrother, Hiro. Four claims that the Raza's Blink Drive will help turn the tide in Zairon's war against Pyr; for the sake of Zairon, Hiro must renounce the throne and let Four lead. Hiro agrees to this, almost relieved, as he never wanted to be Emperor in the first place.

Four having his memories back doesn't sit well with everyone on the Raza. While Two feels he had a right to make such a choice and Six believes that he's a better person than he was before he lost his memories, Five is afraid that he'll become the nasty Four she got a taste of back in Episode 3. Meanwhile, Three's noticed that Four has been avoiding him since getting his memories back … does he know something about Three that's not very nice?

The person taking it the hardest is Nyx. She doesn't like this new Four: scheming, driven and ruthless. She probably wants to break up.

Back on Zairon, Hiro confronts his mother, the Empress, finally calling her out about murdering his father, the Emperor Ishida Tetsuda, and framing Four for the crime. Ever the power-hungry madwoman, she gets wind of Hiro's plan to renounce the throne and has him removed from office, claiming to the people of Zairon that he was wounded during an assassination attempt.

Four prepares to take the Ishida Shuttle acquired when the Raza gang escaped from Hyperion-8 to Zairon to rescue Hiro. He shares a surprisingly tender moment with The Android, admiring how far she's come since her first activation … and revealing that she has dormant internal recorders that contain information as to why Two and Five made her so ‘special.' She just has to find them …

Four arrives at the palace of Zairon and finds his ally, General Drago, murdered. He is then accosted by the Empress and Misaki Han, the Commander of the Royal Guard, and taken to the Royal Court, where he stands trial for the murder of Emperor Ishida Tetsuda. Despite all of the overwhelming evidence against him, Four denies all charges and starts kicking ass all over the room, though he's soon overwhelmed and taken to a cell to await the Court's verdict.

Misaki watches over Four in his cell, where they share a sweet childhood memory. Misaki reveals that she was in love with Four when they were kids and now seems bitter that he never realized it … or, if he did, that he never did anything about it. Four is then taken back to Court, where he's found guilty … and sentenced to die.

Meanwhile, the Raza gang has infiltrated the palace, thanks to Five having some of Four's subconsciousness still knocking around inside her head (as seen in Season 1, when Five relived some of Four's most potent memories). Unfortunately, they're soon knocked unconscious by Hansmeed and his Seers, who anticipated that they would try to rescue Four.

All except for Five, that is. She manages to shoot the guards outside of Hiro's cell, which allows her to paraphrase one of Luke Skywalker's lines from the original Star Wars: "My name is Five, and I'm here to rescue you." (So cute!)

Anyway, it would appear that the Seers are in cahoots with the Empress … and they've come back for Nyx. Hansmeed breaks the news of her brother Milo's death to Nyx, who's even more heartbroken upon the revelation that he took his own life … with Four's blade. "You see? You don't belong with these savages. Come home," Hansmeed says to Nyx.

Just then, the Raza appears above the palace, piloted by The Android, who demands the release of her crew. The Empress refuses to be bossed around by a damn robot and orders Misaki to execute one the prisoners, but before Misaki can cut off Four's head, Hiro arrives, demanding the arrest of the Empress for the murder of the Emperor … and renouncing the throne, giving it to Zairon's rightful ruler.

Four ascends the steps to his throne and asks Hansmeed what's going to happen next. Hansmeed, without hesitation, claims that the Empress will be sent into exile, Hiro will be appointed as Chief Advisor, and the Seers will enjoy a long-term alliance with Zairon.

"You guessed wrong," says Four, and gives an order to Misaki and her Royal Guards. With speed and efficiency, they draw their swords and kill every single Seer in the room, along with the Empress … and Hiro.

"Four!" Two cries out, shocked by this brutality. "My name is not Four," says her former shipmate. "I am Ishida Ryo, Emperor of Zairon!"