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Episode Recap: Stuff to Steal, People to Kill

The Raza crew ends up in a parallel dimension, where they must face more sinister versions of themselves.


Well, blast, it would appear that the Blink Drive didn't work, as the Raza — a little banged up, at that — only traveled 1.2 miles. But wait … what's that distress signal? It's from Regulus 12, the space station on which they left Nyx and Devon … now dark and severely damaged after being attacked by unknown forces.

Wait … what's that over there? It's two Mikkei destroyers, engaged in battle with … the Raza! Before the crew can react, this second Raza disappears … apparently via a working Blink Drive.

No time to mull over this gonzo situation, as soon a third Mikkei destroyer shows up and opens fire. Two hails them, reminding them that the Raza is allied with the Mikkei Combine … though Commander Truffault responds claiming otherwise. In fact, she says the Raza has recently decimated no less than a dozen Mikkei outposts and destroyed at least three Mikkei ships! Truffault also knows about the Blink Drive, and she wants it. Two agrees to hand it over, even though it's fried.

Now that things have simmered to a dull roar, it's time to figure out what the heck is going on. The Android has a theory: their test of the Blink Drive resulted in punching a hole though space-time and they've entered a parallel universe! Hey, why not?

Two shares this theory with Truffault, but she could care less: she just wants the Blink Drive. Two hands her the scorched key card, saying maybe she can, you know, eventually reverse-engineer it or something. Things get a little heated, but then Truffault receives word that the Raza has been spotted attacking a Traugott research facility, over 300 light years away … hmm, maybe there's something to this 'parallel universe' theory after all … and this whole 'being allies' thing, too!

Well, one thing's for sure: if the Raza gang wants to get back to their own reality, they've got to steal the Blink Drive … that's on the other Raza. Whoa.

It would appear that in this reality, the Raza crew works for the ever-corrupt Ferrous Corporation, spreading terrorism and murder throughout the galaxy. Four discovers that in this universe, he has succeeding in reclaiming the throne as the Emperor Ishida Ryo of Zairon, so he poses as his alternate reality self to summon Portia Lin and Marcus Boone … who are, apparently, passionate lovers in this world.

Portia and Boone take the alternate Marauder to the remains of Regulus 12 to meet with Four, where they're taking prisoner by … well, themselves. Four escorts them to a cell on board the original Raza as Two and Three board the alternate Raza, posing as … well, themselves. However, once Two and Three are on board, the alternate Raza activates its Blink Drive and disappears … much to Truffault's irritation.

On board the alternate Raza, Two and Three meet their fellow crew members: Wexler and Tash, two of the mercenaries who helped them steal the 'white hole technology' in Season 1 (and who were later killed) … and none other than Jace Corso, the man whose identity One stole to board the Raza. Corso tells Two and Three that Commander Nieman of the Ferrous Corporation wants them to clear up a little misunderstanding with a mining colony (sound familiar? That was the Raza's very first mission in Season 1).  

So, if you noticed, Six is not on board the Raza in this reality. Six does some research on his alternate self and finds that Lt. Kal Varrick of the Galactic Authority was discovered and executed by Two before he could go through with sabotaging the Raza. So, in this world, there was no amnesia, no moral rebirth … and no Six.

And no Five, either. Did Three end up spacing her, as he threatened to do in Season 1 when he discovered her as a stowaway? Maybe it's best that we don't know …

Meanwhile, Two and Wexler take the alternate Marauder to the mining colony, where they meet with its leaders: Argin, Darcy and Shan. They claim that they're an independent colony and are prepared to fight the Ferrous Corporation to hold on to that independence. Two, a much more compassionate person than Portia Lin, attempts to tell them how they can enforce their cause without violence, but her speech is cut short by Wexler, who pistol-whips Shan and shoots Argin and Darcy in the head. Apparently, this is how the Raza does business in this reality.  

Meanwhile, back on board the alternate Raza, Three learns even more about the alternate Marcus Boone when he's summoned to Tash's room for a rousing session of rough sex. Three turns her down, claiming he's had a bad day … which prompts her to headbutt him, like, hard. "Later, loser," she says as she leaves him to his thoughts — and his headache — on the bed.

Back on the original Raza, Four keeps an eye on Portia and Boone in their cell. They taunt Four for not reclaiming his throne, like the Four they know did. In fact, the Four they know can make the hard decisions and exploit the right opportunities … what's holding this Four back? Four seems affected by their words … does he need to become more ruthless to reclaim his birthright?

Back at the mining colony, Two and Wexler board the alternate Marauder and prepare to take off … and Wexler hails Corso on the alternate Raza, telling him to fire a nuke! Two tells Corso to stand down, though Corso refuses and turns off his communicator. Wexler knows something's up with Two and demands to know what; she responds by punching him out.

Corso fires the nuke from the alternate Raza and it flies toward the mining colony below. Two takes off in the alternate Marauder, firing on the missile but missing. From the alternate Raza, Corso tracks the nuke's progress as it makes contact and apparently destroys the mining colony. "Good night, Portia," sneers Corso.

Three comes to the bridge, having heard about the nuke attack from the alternate Android. Corso pulls a blade and attacks Three, though Three manages to knock him out. Then Tash shows up and beats up Three, followed by Two (who of course didn't die in the nuclear blast) coming in and fighting Tash. Tash starts to gain the upper hand when Two starts experiencing the hand tremors we saw her get in last week's episode, but luckily the alternate Android comes in and shoots Tash, claiming it's her duty to protect the crew from harm … and, on occasion, each other.

Meanwhile, Truffault has boarded the original Raza, where she shuts down The Android and takes control of the ship. She tells Two to hand over the Blink Drive that's on the alternate Raza, to which Two agrees, saying she's transporting it to her via the alternate Marauder. It's a trap, though, as the alternate Marauder actually contains the alternate Android, who neural links with the original Raza and takes control. Can Truffault's one Mikkei ship compete with not one but two Razas? Of course not! Truffault and her goons kick it into FTL and flee the scene.

Four releases Portia Lin and Marcus Boone, allowing them to return to the alternate Raza … though Two is going to hold on to Portia's sweet leather coat (and the Blink Drive, of course). The Android and the alternate Android share a brief exchange in which the alternate Android swears her loyalty to her crew, especially to Portia, for "making me what I am." Hmm …

Five installs the Blink Drive from the alternate Raza into the original Raza and they successfully return to their own universe. However, they seem to have brought someone back with them, as a Marauder with FTL capabilties detaches itself from the Raza and takes off. Who's on board?

Anyway, all seems to be fine with Regulus 12, and the gang picks up Nyx, who says she waited for Devon for hours but he never showed up at the bar. Five can't believe Devon would just leave without saying goodbye, but Three isn't surprised, admitting that none of them really knew the guy.

The episode ends in Two's quarters, where her hand tremors are getting worse. She becomes dizzy with blurred vision and collapses to the floor, unconscious.