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Episode Recap: We Should Have Seen This Coming

It's the Raza versus a gang of homicidal psychics as some secrets of Nyx's past are revealed.


The Raza gang wants to go after Alicia Reynaud, the mystery woman who tried to snatch Five's mysterious key card. They need a heist to fund such a mission, though, and Nyx knows of a quick and easy score: a freighter chock full of a synthetic hallucinogen the kids are calling 'Shadow.'

It's soon revealed that Nyx has her own reasons for wanting to raid the freighter, as it's currently where her brother, Milo, is being held prisoner. As Three and Four snatch the drugs, Nyx and Two rescue the barely-conscious Milo from a containment pod. Two wants to know what the heck is going on, though a counter-attack from the freighter's crew creates an escape first, ask questions later kind of situation.

Back on the Raza, Nyx reveals that she and her brother were among hundreds who were kidnapped by a mega-company called Electus and forced to participate in a radical group experiment. They were drugged with Shadow and put into pods that linked their minds in an attempt to answer the question: Could collective human consciousness solve problems better than computers? As data was gathered and analyzed into a, well, stream of consciousness, this collective human 'Machine' became able to predict events before they happened. Whoa!

Later, there was a mutiny and the 'Seers' took control of the ship themselves. The leader of the uprising, Hansmeed, insisted that their survival depended on actually continuing the experiment; after he became corrupt and abusive, Nyx escaped. As Nyx and Milo come from a planet where the inhabitants possess a high level of CPA (Cognitive Predictive Ability), they are extremely valuable to the collective ... especially Milo, who's, like, the star of the show.

This whole 'predict the future' thing seems to actually work, 'cause when the Raza meets with the buyers of the Shadow score, the Seer ship is waiting for them. The Raza takes quite a beating as Three and Six are forced to land the Marauder shuttle on a nearby planet's surface, hiding under cover of the volatile atmosphere. After the Raza manages to escape, Two wonders what her next move should be against an enemy that already seems to know her next move. Meanwhile, Milo tells Nyx that he's endangering her and the entire Raza crew if he stays with them as the Seers will stop at nothing to get back their most powerful asset: Him.

As the drug-addicted Devon samples some of the Shadow he stashed to supposedly help in Milo's detox, Four attempts to bond with Milo. Milo gives him some disturbing news: the Raza crew will be betrayed by one of their own, sometime in the near future. Great. Later, Milo meets with Five, who's intrigued by his CPA and wants to know what he thinks the Raza crew should do next. Milo tells her that there will be all-out corporate war in the next six months … and the Raza gang will play a major role in it. Indeed, they might even be the ones to tip the scales!

Meanwhile, on the planet's surface, the Marauder has lost all power and Three is making it very clear that he's still pissed at Six for selling out the Raza to the Galactic Authority. As Six manages to restore power, he apologizes to Three, saying he didn't know who he was back then … and now he does. This is a good start for Three, who says he's willing to give Six a chance to prove that he's truly a member of the Raza family.

As the Marauder reunites with the Raza, the Seer ship attacks once again. Two hails Hansmeed, threatening to shoot Milo in the head if they don't back off. Hansmeed calls her bluff, claiming he already knows she won't pull the trigger. Damn, this guy's probably great at chess. And Tetris.

Milo insists that the only way out of this situation is for him to return to the Seer ship. Nyx protests, though Milo assures her that he can continue to fight from the inside … and perhaps even inspire another rebellion. He hugs her goodbye and Four escorts him to the Marauder.

Before Milo boards the Marauder for transport back to the Seer ship (along with half the Shadow score), Four asks him what the Seers will do next. Milo theorizes that they'll enslave more people and eventually build a fleet. Four worries that they'll try to influence Milo to join their cause … but claims there is another way out …

Back on the Seer ship, Hansmeed escorts Milo to his room, telling him to rest up before he goes back in with the next shift. "One day you will see this is for the best," Hansmeed tells him. "We are the Future." Hansmeed gets halfway down the corridor from Milo's room before a sudden thought stops him. He rushes back and finds that Milo has killed himself … slicing his own throat with Four's knife.

Back on the Raza, Nyx continues her training with Four, thanking him for getting to know Milo during the short time he was on board. And, elsewhere on the ship, Two drops her drink as her hand suddenly goes into violent spasms. What's up with that?