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Episode Recap: We Voted Not to Space You

The Raza seeks revenge on an old enemy: Jace Corso, the man who shot One in cold blood.


The Android lets her hair down (literally) as she enters some dive bar, orders a whiskey, flirts with some bro and beats the holy hell of a scumbag named Danny Bones. Hmm … did she opt to take that emotional upgrade chip given to her by Victor in last week's episode?

Flash back to 24 hours earlier on board the Raza and Two gives Six the good news: We Voted Not to Space You (hooray!). Two says he could continue on his road to redemption by providing some Galactic Authority intel: mainly, who is this "person of interest" the GA is pursuing whilst investigating the murder of Derrick Moss, aka One? As not even Five could access GA files remotely, Six suggests they find some understaffed outpost and tap into their system directly.

As everyone and their mother is after the Raza crew at this point, it wouldn't be wise for any of them to show their faces, like, anywhere, no matter how 'understaffed' it may be. This sounds like a job for The Android! And with her emotional upgrade, she can easily pass for a human … so much that she gives Three a playful whack on the butt before entering the space station.  

On the space station, The Android is adorable and sexy as she gets herself into trouble, first opening the door to a restricted area and then ripping the shirt of the security guard who refuses to arrest her for such a minor infraction. At the Galactic Authority station, she charms the bored sergeant into getting her some coffee as she hacks the computer, allowing the Raza access to all sorts of GA goodies … including some security camera footage that reveals Jace Corso in the hotel lobby right after One was killed.  

Devon's got some smuggler pals who might know where Corso has been hiding out, so The Android is sent to bring in Danny Bones (which takes us back to the opening scene). Under pressure from Two, Nyx and Five, Bones reveals that Corso's been holed up at an isolated fusion reactor on a nearby planet. Two, Three and Four gear up to enact their mission of revenge … accompanied by Nyx, who wants to tag along.

Unfortunately, they won't be alone for long, as Chief Inspector Kierken of the Galactic Authority has discovered The Android's hack job and figures the Raza gang will be hunting down Corso. Sure enough, a GA Cruiser drops out of FTL, forcing The Android to land the Raza on the planet's surface and shut down everything but emergency power in an attempt to remain undetected.

Meanwhile, Two, Three, Four and Nyx explore the abandoned fusion reactor and get into a gunfight with Jace Corso. Corso is wounded, forcing him to retreat into a panic room and crudely tend to his wounds. As the Raza gang attempts to break into the room, Corso activates some sort of Emergency Protocol countdown … just as the Galactic Authority squad, led by Kierken, moves in.  

Two, Three, Four and Nyx break into the panic room but find Corso has escaped into the basement. They descend into the labyrinthian catacombs, where Two catches up to him and beats him to the floor … and sees that the Emergency Protocol countdown has only a few seconds left …
The whole place goes ka-boom, sending tons of rubble into the underground level. Two and Corso are separated from Three and Nyx, whilst Four is trapped under a piece of concrete … and is now the prisoner of Chief Inspector Kierken, who assures him that his top-of-the-line emergency beacon guarantees that more GA troops are on their way. Terrific.
Two is unable to reach any of her comrades on her communicator, so she tells Corso to start digging through the rubble. Corso is perplexed by the fact that she's avenging the death of someone as "weak and vulnerable" as Derrick Moss … until he realizes that she actually, you know, cares. How long before the rest of the world knows that the notorious Portia Lin has lost her edge?

It would seem she hasn't lost all of it, though, as she shoots Corso in the head after he breaks through the rubble. However, before his execution, Corso revealed that it wasn't the Traugott Corporation who hired him to whack One, as Two originally thought. Who did, then?

Meanwhile, the Galactic Authority calvary arrives and gets Kierken and Four topside. Luckily, Three and Nyx have also managed to escape from the rubble and, along with Two, engage in a good old-fashioned Mexican standoff with the GA squad. The odds tip in the Raza's favor with the arrival of the Marauder shuttle, containing Devon, Five and Six, who had left the shut-down Raza in an attempt to warn their shipmates about the GA.

Outgunned, Kierken accepts defeat, allowing Four to rejoin his comrades. Everyone boards the Marauder and hauls ass back to the Raza, which blasts off before the Galactic Authority Cruiser can rally.

Six, who was never comfortable with this mission of revenge, asks Two if it was worth it. Two has no regrets about shooting Corso in the head, but she's disturbed by his revelation that it wasn't the Traugott Corporation who hired him to kill One. Again, who did? Six reveals that the last time he saw One, he expressed some concern about the acting CEO of his company. We met this guy, Darius, in the season premiere … is he behind One's assassination?

The episode ends with The Android, perhaps enjoying her emotional upgrade even more than we are, being confronted by the Android Projection, who claims The Android's been a bit careless lately, making little mistakes here and there that will probably only escalate. "You're a danger to this ship and everyone on it … and you know it," she says. Always the life of the party, that one.