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Episode Recap: Welcome to Your New Home

In the aftermath of Six's betrayal, Two, Three and Four find themselves stuck in prison.


When we last left the crew of the Raza, they were being led away in chains by the Galactic Authority, seemingly betrayed by Six. We pick up shortly thereafter, with the gang now the guests of honor at Hyperion-8, a notorious maximum security detention center on some godforsaken moon.

After stripping down and enduring decontamination, Two, Three and Four are introduced to the general population. Three gets into trouble right away as some associates from his days as Marcus Boone (Three's real name) come demanding their cut for what was apparently a successful bank job; luckily, a tough (and gorgeous!) inmate by the name of Nyx keeps him from being shivved … though she quickly roughs up Three herself and demands he now hand over his Ration Card to her. Two shows up and the ladies engage in an impressive girl fight, which leads to both of them being sent to solitary.

Three is sent to the prison infirmary, where he meets an old-timer prone to self-inflicted wounds just so he can spend most of his time in the presence of a pretty nurse and eating better food. Three remembers this crude yet seemingly effective tactic when he's assigned laundry duty, burning himself on the industrial steamer on purpose and getting sent back to the infirmary. Unfortunately, the pretty nurse has since been transferred, and Three is told by Devon, the prisoner whose medical training has him stationed in the infirmary, that the Warden caught wind of the old-timer's scheme and had him sent to a new facility where he can spend the rest of his days in electroshock therapy sessions. Three promptly asks to be sent back to the laundry.

Meanwhile, Two's making the most of her time in solitary, somewhat enjoying the half hour she's allowed each day in the 'sim yard,' a simulated outdoor environment that isn't exactly Palm Beach but at least there's, you know, trees and stuff. It's in the sim yard that Two and Nyx bond, and by the end of their solitary confinement, Two thinks she may have found a new ally.

Four's already scheming on how he's going to escape. Upon being confronted by a prisoner named Coombs, Four picks a fight and incites a riot, which reveals the response time of the guards when such outbreaks occur. Their response time is pretty quick, it would seem, as the rowdy inmates are soon incapacitated by a powerful sonic whistle from which the guards are protected via their earpieces.

Upon Four's rabble-rousing, he's taken to see Arax, a prisoner who enjoys the comforts of a redecorated storeroom in exchange for enforcing Warden Treihan's prison-wide policy: Quiet, and By the Book. Arax warns Four about causing any more trouble, though Four is, of course, not easily intimidated.

After enjoying their individual adventures, Two, Three and Four are reunited over a meal, ready to commence with planning their daring prison break. Oh, and some Galactic Authority techie is trying to get The Android to dump all of her files, but she's being adorably uncooperative.

Meanwhile, One and Five are getting a somewhat nicer treatment in a private room, where they're visited by Six, who introduces himself as Lt. Kal Varrik of the Galactic Authority. He gets a slap in the face from Five for betraying his friends, though he insists that he was only doing his duty and trying to help them.

Their reunion is short-lived as they're soon interrupted by Felicia Brand, One's high-priced attorney. One is, after all, Derrick Moss, the CEO of CoreLactic Industries and heir to the Moss fortune, so he can certainly afford to lawyer up. He's taken to a five-star hotel suite as Felicia commences with getting all of the charges against him dropped.

In his suite, One is visited by Darius, the acting CEO of his company. One asks him to arrange a meeting with the security guard whose testimony got Three convicted for the murder of One's wife, Catherine. Wouldn't you know it … the very next morning, that security guard is found dead. One figures Three was framed for his wife's murder … but by whom, and why?

Six is dealing with his own soul-searching as he's obviously uncomfortable in his position as a reinstated Galactic Authority officer. After giving a coded file for Five to hack, he discovers that the GA had prior knowledge of the attack on Hyadum-12, the infamous incident that claimed the lives of 10,000 people and put Six on a revenge mission against his corrupt superior, The General. Six's colleague, Lt. Anders, warns him about pushing back against the Galactic Authority, but Six seems determined to shake things up.

Things take an ominous turn when Warden Treihan receives a mysterious call from an unknown party and tells his head guard Durand to "make the arrangements" for what sounds like the execution of the Raza crew ... including poor little Emily Kolburn, aka Five (We finally learn her name!). Durand and Six prepare to escort a protesting Five to a group home, though they're stopped by Commander Lee Shaddick, Chief Inspector of the Galactic Authority Serious Crimes Division. Five isn't going anywhere.

Meanwhile, it would appear that One is getting off scot-free, as all charges against him have been dropped. He's ready to recommence with his life as Derrick Moss … until none other than Jace Corso, the man whose identity he stole to board the Raza, comes knocking at his door, shooting him several times in the chest and, finally, the head.

Oh man. Is One dead?