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Episode Recap: Wish I'd Spaced You When I Had the Chance

While Five is kidnapped and Three comes to her rescue, the rest of the Raza crew must face the Galactic Authority.


A casual trip to a space station for a little shopping and R&R quickly turns nightmarish when Five is kidnapped by a bunch of slave-trading hillbillies known as the Danker Brothers. Back at their crappy farm, Five gets the better of one of them by sticking a spoon into their ear, but Three really gets the party started when he shows up with a shotgun and does a little redecorating … with their BLOOD.

Unfortunately, there's one Danker Brother unaccounted for, and he and Three shoot each other at point blank range when he suddenly shows up on the front porch. The poor bastard never knew what hit him, but Three's now got quite the impressive chest wound, prompting Five to play nurse with the crude materials available. Ouch!

Meanwhile, some jerky lady has I.D.'d Two, Four and Nyx at the space station bar and alerted the Galactic Authority. Their response time is impressive thanks to Transfer Transit, and soon Chief Inspector Kierken — or, rather, his clone — is sweeping the station with his GA goon squad.

Two, Four and Nyx manage to make it to the Marauder and back to the Raza, but when The Android informs them that the GA has tracked Three and Five to the Danker Brothers farm, they grab Six and take the Marauder back to the planet in search of them. Three and Five have managed to escape into the woods, but Three's wound eventually keeps him from going any further, prompting him to convince Five to go on without him (and she requires a lot of convincing!).

Kierken and his GA goon squad track down the incapacitated Three, with Kierken demanding he confess to stealing and delivering the white hole technology that completely destroyed Iriden-3 and claimed thousands of lives. Kierken claims he'll clear Five's record completely if Three comes clean, though Three attempts to protect his crew mates by claiming that he worked alone on that heist.

Kierken doesn't buy it and is ready to blow the Marauder out of the sky, though a sudden explosion — courtesy of Five infiltrating one of the GA trucks — turns the tide and Three soon has a gun to Kierken's head. Three spares Kierken's life, even if he is just a clone, and he and Five are rescued.

Back on the Raza, Three is recovering nicely in the infirmary, though Five assures him that their relationship won't now become sweet and sentimental by offering him a bowl of oatmeal made of his least favorite fruit. Elsewhere on the ship, Six tries to convince Two to use the Blink Drive to take on both the Galactic Authority and the corporations by reinventing the Raza crew as 'intergalactic cops' … and Four asks The Android to help him upload his neural imprint, thus restoring his memories as Ryo Ishida.