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Everything You Need to Know About Dark Matter

The second season of Dark Matter is upon us. Here's the gist of what went down in Season 1 to prepare you accordingly.

By Bryan Enk

The second season of Dark Matter is upon us. Here's the gist of what went down in Season 1 to prepare you accordingly.

Here's the crew of the Raza. They often look like this: tired, confused, put-upon. Y'see, when they woke up from stasis, they had no memory of who they are or where they were going. Who wiped their memories, and why? It's a journey of self-discovery … literally! Clockwise from the little green-haired girl: Five, Three, Six, Four and One. Just out of frame is Two. We'll get to her in a sec.


It would appear that most of the crew members are wanted criminals who were en route to take out an independent mining colony. One, though, is just pretending to be: He's actually Derrick Moss, a big-shot CEO, who took on the identity of professional criminal Jace Corso in order to infiltrate the Raza to get to Marcus Boone, aka Three, a former freedom fighter and the number-one suspect in the murder of Moss' wife, Catherine. The real Jace Corso is none too happy about having his pretty face stolen.


Portia Lin, aka Two, is an advanced biosynthetic organism that knows kung-fu and has super-healing powers. She's an illegal prototype created by Alexander Rook, a mad scientist for the corrupt Ferrous Corporation.


Four is actually Ryo Tetsudo, a rightful Crown Prince on the run after being framed for the murder of his father, Emperor Ishida Tetsuda. The real culprit is Four's stepmother, conducted so that her own son, Hiro, could rise to the throne. Four is now on a mission to reclaim his throne and punish the conspirators.

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And then there's Five, the homeless moppet and tech geek who wiped the crew's memories for reasons unknown, though it may have something to do with a murder being planned by Two and Three before they went into stasis. Meanwhile, Five possesses the memories of her fellow crew members, though she sometimes has a hard time keeping track of what memories belong to whom.


Finally, there's Griffin Jones, aka Six, a disillusioned member of a movement known as The Insurrection. Six was manipulated by his corrupt superior, a man known only as The General, into inadvertently killing thousands of innocent people. Six may actually have Galactic Authority sympathies, as he was seen at the end of Season 1 selling out his shipmates to the GA.


Oh, and this is The Android. She's awesome.


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Dark Matter Season 2 commences on July 1 at 10/9c.