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Jodelle Ferland Geeks Out on Harry Potter, Silent Hill and Purple Hair

We love Five from Dark Matter. And we got to talk with her!

By Bryan Enk

She's a technical genius, a skilled pickpocket and has quite the extensive wardrobe. She's the heart of the Raza, and she's always ready to remind her ragtag crew members that they've got hearts, too. And she should've slapped Six even harder when she found out he was the mole who sold them all out to the Galactic Authority.

We're speaking, of course, of Five on Dark Matter. And we got to talk with the lovely young lady who plays her, Jodelle Ferland!

What's the best thing about playing Five?
I love how unique she is. While everyone else is wearing plain dark colors, Five is rocking every color and pattern in one outfit, along with bright green hair.
What's your favorite episode this season?
Episode 3 ("I've Seen the Other Side of You"). We got to see a different side of all the characters. That scene with Five and Two in the alley is one of my favorites. For the first time, Two is the vulnerable one and Five is in charge.

The Worst We Have to Offer

The finale [airing September 16 at 10/9c] is also a favorite of mine. Five gets to go on quite the adventure!
What's your favorite outfit from this season?
I'm going to have to go with the swan shirt. According to the tweets I've been getting, it's an audience favorite as well.
If Five had to change her hair color, what color would it be?
I think she'd go towards the blue/purple spectrum. But I'm not sure if that's me or Five talking ... I really want purple hair ...
If you could play any other character on Dark Matter, who would it be?
If I had Zoie's [Palmer, who plays The Android] insane line memorizing talent, I'd love to play The Android.
You've done a lot of horror movies. Which one has been your favorite or most challenging to date?
I think Silent Hill is always going to be one of my favorites. I technically played three different characters in one movie, which is a rare opportunity for an actor. And as creepy as Dark Alessa is, I had so much fun with that role.

Missing media item.
If you couldn’t play yourself, who would play you in a Jodelle Ferland biopic?
This might be cheating but I do have a sister ... and people seem to get us mixed up when I post pictures because we look so alike. I don't think anyone else could capture that unique Ferland personality better than her!
What's a movie that you like that seemingly no one else likes?
I don't know about a movie, but I feel like I watch a lot of TV series that not many of my friends do. There have been many times where something really big or heartbreaking will happen on some anime or British TV show, and I'll want to text someone about it but then I realize no one will know what I'm talking about.
Is there a book that you’ve read multiple times?
Harry Potter. I'll never stop reading Harry Potter.
What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?
The first big concert I went to was Mumford and Sons. It was an outdoor concert with thousands of people and it's one of the most memorable for me.
What was your very first Halloween costume?
It was a hand-me-down that my brother used to wear and I'm honestly still not quite sure what it was supposed to be. It was a onesie that looked like a bear, but it had spots like a cheetah. Anyway, it was comfy and fuzzy and that's the important thing.
What did you do for your 21st birthday last year?
Well, 21 isn't as meaningful in Canada as it is in the US, since drinking age here is 19. Although I can't say I did much for my 19th birthday either. I'm pretty introverted and not much of a party girl, so last year I went to a friend's house and we baked a Totoro-themed birthday cake and watched Netflix. It was perfect!
If you could play any character from any Stephen King book, who would it be?
I actually did play a young Carrie in a remake back in 2002, but it would be cool to play the older version of her now!

Who do you think is more fun at a party and why: Wilma Flintstone or Betty Rubble?
That's a tough one ... it's been a while since I've watched The Flinstones but I'm gonna have to say Wilma. She's already all dressed up with that pearl necklace, and I feel like she'd be a lot of fun if she had a night off from trying to keep her family out of trouble!