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Remembering One: A Tribute to Derrick Moss

The Raza has lost One of its own.

By Bryan Enk

The crew of the Raza have lost One of their own. (See what we did there? Shh, don't laugh; it's a wake!).

In last week's episode of Dark Matter, it was confirmed that Derrick Moss, CEO of CoreLactic Industries and heir to the Moss fortune — aka One — is, indeed, dead. Moss was shot down by Jace Corso, the man whose identity he stole in order to board the Raza and exact revenge on Marcus Boone, aka Three, the chief suspect in the murder of Moss' wife.

That revenge never happened 'cause, you know, plans change … and, in the world of Dark Matter, people change — like, a lot. Moss, reborn as One, was the moral center of the Raza gang, always encouraging caution and compassion over recklessness and brutality.

Let's Remember One, as there can be only One.

Remember when One woke up from cryostasis and Two kicked his ass? The beginning of a beautiful friendship. (Episode One)


Remember when One was kissed by Mireille the Nice Miner Girl? So innocent, so sweet. (Episode Two)


Remember when One kissed Two while she was working out? Sweaty love! (Episode Three)

Missing media item.

Remember when One first met Jace Corso, the man whose handsome mug he stole? That was tense. (Episode Four)

No, I’m Jace Corso

Remember when One and Three used a shock stick to break free of their metal bonds? Comedy! (Episode Four)


Remember when One caught Two sleeping with Three? Outer space love triangle! (Episode Five)


Remember when One was tortured by the sight of Two's naked body? Sigh. (Episode Seven)


Remember when One got back at Two by sleeping with Wendy the Sexy Android? Nothing like a round of Dunking the Cosmic Donut. (Episode Seven)

Dunking the Cosmic Donut

Remember when One came out of the shower and found Two wanting to sleep with him after all? So complicated. (Episode Seven)


Remember when One almost had his wrist broken by Two when he tried to hug her from behind? See? Complicated. (Episode Eight)


Remember when One discovered this is what he really looks like? Transfer Transit specializes in rude awakenings. (Episode Eight)


Remember when One discovered that he's actually Derrick Moss, CEO of CoreLactic Industries and heir to the Moss fortune? Identity crisis! (Episode Eight)


Remember when One found out Three was the number-one suspect in the murder of his wife? That was heartbreaking. (Episode Nine)

Missing media item.

Remember when One tried to give an inspirational speech whilst he and the Raza men were running out of oxygen? Nothing can rally the troops quite like hypoxia. (Episode Eleven)

It's Up To Us

Remember when One was shot and killed by Jace Corso? Noooooo!!! (Season 2, Episode 1: Welcome to Your New Home)

Long Time No See

Here's to One, courtesy of The Who.