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Episode Recap: All The Time In The World

Welcome to Groundhog Day, Dark Matter style.


Three is having quite the morning -- or, should we say, mornings. He's acting oddly, seems to know what people will say before they say it and doesn't have any qualms about sticking his fingers in Solara's food. That's because he is - you guessed it - stuck in a TIME LOOP! He wakes up back in his bed on the same morning every time he loses consciousness.

How did he get stuck in the time loop? Well, he has no idea and neither do we, but that's not even the worst of his problems. His crewmates do not believe him. Ever. And honestly, why would they? This is insane.

The second time around we get a little further into the events of the day. Five is moping in the mess, Solara and Adrian are sparring, Adrian is getting his ass kicked. This will be important later, but right now Three has a plan to convince Android he’s in a loop. She just needs to teach him something he couldn't possibly know so that the next time around he can prove he's in a time loop.

Plan A: Learn what is wrong with the ship. This goes exactly as well as you’d expect. He has no idea what she's talking about and cannot remember the technobabble no matter how many times she tells him, so on to...

Plan B: Drugs! Three figures if he never falls asleep then the day won't reset so he takes space Adderall. He is wrong. This is becoming a pattern.

Okay, Plan C! Android is going to teach him French. It takes about four million years, but luckily they all happen in the same day. Also, Three and Android start a band. In French. It’s a thing.

That French thing? It actually works! Okay, actually it doesn't work but accidentally learning what is wrong with the ship IN French does work so now it's time to fix it and get out of this loop. Android suggests he start doing things differently and maybe that will solve his problem. His first stop is Five, who is stuck in a funk since Six left. He offers what he probably thinks thinks is good advice but which Five finds insulting. Then he heads to Solara and Adrian to spar for secrets, which he gets (the name of the first girl Solara kissed and the fact that Adrian once cross dressed to get out of a jam).

And now, the big one. Three needs to finally talk to Sarah. Of course that's easier said than done and he runs off almost as soon as he gets inside her virtual reality living space. He runs right into the waiting pistol of one of Ryo's many bounty hunters.

His name is Ash and he likes to shoot people in the face. Good thing Three is stuck in a time loop cause he just wakes up in bed all over again, and quickly convinces his friends about the loop. They decide to capture the bounty hunter and figure out how Ryo knows where they are.

Turns out that in addition to being deadly, Ash is also able to walk through walls, which is troubling. Ash pins Three, so Adrian grabs a big glowy clock thing, smashes it over Ash’s head, and the day restarts again, only this time, Adrian is looping too. WE HAVE FOUND THE SOURCE OF THE TIME LOOP!

This time through the loop they manage to capture Ash, figure out that the Blink Drive is the reason he could find them, and get some good threats in before Ash phases through the floor and attacks Five.

Solara comes to her rescue and she and Ash engage in some prime fisticuffs before the cavalry arrives. He attempts to phase away but gets stuck halfway through a wall. That's not a good way to go, but a great way to get some new wall art for the Raza.

Here is where things go wonky. Android thinks she's figured out how to fix the time loop and ends up sending herself careening through time instead. She encounters Portia and Marcus, sees herself crying out of grief (who dies?!), getting dissected (disassembled?), and as some kind of futuristic, black haired goth version of herself.

That last one is happening "at the end of time" where also exists a very, very old version of Five who has been waiting for her to arrive. Old Five tells her that when she goes back to her own time she has to destroy the device to fix the time loop. Before Android leaves, though, Five lists off a bunch of big events to come, including the "Dwarf Star Conspiracy," the "fall of the house of Ishida," “meeting Android’s creator” and a bunch of other portentous things to come.

Android ends up back where she started and immediately destroys the device. Everything is back to normal.

Three finally figures out his feelings about Sarah's condition and goes to talk to her again. They don’t do a lot of talking but he admits that whatever state she’s in, she's real. End of story. They kiss.

We end on Zairon where Ishida has even more insanity up his sleeves in the form of someone trapped in a terrifying chair with a headset and big glowy tubes everywhere. This does not seem like good news for the Raza.