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Episode Recap: Give It Up, Princess

The crew must rescue kidnapped royalty to retrieve a file which could halt intergalactic war.


It’s never a dull day on the Raza but at least this time we get to spend it learning more about Adrian and Solara who are very colorful additions to the team.

With hostilities mounting across the galaxy, Adrian is worried about Tabor who has a safe house on Cassiar 4. In reality, he’s worried about Tabor’s girlfriend, Ambrosia, and for good reason: when they call to check in, a big guy named Goran is holding her hostage. Standard hostage procedure. Goran wants a data file that Tabor has. Adrian brings it to him, he gets Ambrosia.

We get this really nice brief interlude where Solara is teaching Five to fight and she talks about how she learned to fight at a monastery until bandits broke in and killed everyone and so she killed the bandits. She is quickly becoming our favorite.

Surprising exactly no one, Adrian is in love with Ambrosia and asks for the Raza's help to find the data file. Two realizes that said data file likely has to do with a whole new fleet of ships Ferrous Corp is building for the war and makes a deal. They'll rescue Adrian's friend if he gives them the data file. Of course, Adrian doesn't actually have the file. That's on Regulus 12. Cue interplanetary wild goose chase.

Another brief interlude to check in with things on Zairon, which are not looking too good. There's a possible mining strike and their military is about to lose territory. Life is hard for an emperor. Teku says Ryo needs to win the people, but that means making sacrifices, which is something Ryo doesn't want to make. Misaki disagrees. She thinks Ryo should let their territory fall for now and take it back later.

Back on the Raza, the crew arrives at Regulus 12 to find it destroyed. Adrian knows where Tabor keeps backup files. You know, in a vault deep in Ferrous controlled territory. Five goes with Adrian to the vault (someone needs to pick the lock) and they are immediately arrested because Tabor is the gift that keeps on giving. The guard offers to forgive the debt for info on the Raza.

With Adrian and Five in custody and the GA on the way, Android has an idea to help them. She’s going undercover, complete with brand new heels, a pink dress, a furry wrap and a Southern accent. Android fights her way through the station and rescues Adrian and Five in style. They finally manage to break into the vault to find …. nothing!

But Adrian isn't done! He's got another idea about where Tabor might be stashing the data file and possibly himself. Another leg in the race!

After a brief encounter with a force field and a security android they're home free, and they have the file! But they can't read the file. It's got military grade encryption rendering it basically useless unless they can crack it.

Back to Zairon again, where Ryo is congratulating his latest military academy grads when one of them tries to assassinate him. Misaki saves him and Teku uses the incident to convince Ryo, once again, needs to "win the people."

On Cassiar 4, Adrian shows up to make the trade for Ambrosia's life. He's calling her Amber now, which is a much better name. Anyway, Amber is not so much a damsel in distress as the actual bad guy. She shoots Goren, steals the file, and threatens Adrian.

Two, Three and Solara show up to rescue Adrian. They capture Amber who tries to play him again, but he’s not really going for it this time. Adrian snags the decryption program and they leave her on the planet.

With the file decrypted, the Raza heads to the coordinates where they find almost exactly what they're looking for. It's a Ferrous shipyard, all right, but it's empty.

Meanwhile, Ryo learns that the reinforcements he sent to "win the people" were attacked and destroyed so he's done being any version of nice. He's moving on to indiscriminate killing and ruling with fear.

Five checks in with Six to remind us what’s up with him. It’s just in time too, because Commander Neiman of Ferrous Corp seems to have plans for the former crewmember. He gives some very ominous instructions about using “Agent Zero” while looking at a photo of Six. We’re not quite sure that is, but we don't think we’re going to like it.