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Episode Recap: Hot Chocolate

When the ship comes under attack from within, the teenaged Five is forced to fight alone.


Six is on a diplomatic mission this week, trying to unite a number of independent worlds with trade agreements and all that jazz. It's … not going well. It only gets worse, too, when the meeting is attacked by Ferrous Corp, forcing Six to bring the delegates to the Raza.

The Raza, to its credit, manages to fight off the ships and jump to FTL in time. But that’s nowhere near the end of the drama. First, more arguing! Someone betrayed them and gave up their location. Fingers are pointed all over the place.

Six is reconsidering his choice to play mediator. Turns out, being a diplomat is hard. Of course, a little bickering is the least of the Raza's problems. There's something up with the Android. She's acting very strange.

More trouble rears its head when Wren is found in his quarters super dead. Like, knife to the spine dead. They put the other delegates under lockdown while they try to figure out who did it. Problem is, there's nothing on the security cameras, so Two wants to get the rest of the delegates off the ship as soon as possible.

Android is still acting weird, and Five is starting to take notice. Not soon enough, though, because now the ship is malfunctioning. Comms are down, doors aren't working, lights are flicking ominously. Everyone goes for their guns, while Five jumps on her computer to see what the problem is and ends up talking to Sarah who warns her "HE'S COMING". He … who?

He … Ryo, apparently. Android is down in the cargo hold, escorting a whole contingent of Ishida soldiers out of the Transfer Transit pods, including Ryo, who is here for the Blink Drive, naturally. Android has been hacked, though we don't know by whom. Two and Three know this is intentional sabotage. Six arms the delegates who definitely probably just murdered a dude. Oh, and the Blink Drive is missing. Things are going REALLY well.

But it turns out that the Drive is with Five, because she is the best. She's hiding in the bowels of the ship just giving herself the space to jack into Sarah's part of the ship's computer. You know, like you do.

Two and Three get separated and just when Two figures out what's going on, she's promptly attacked by Ryo and an epic bout of fisticuffs ensues. As with any fight between friends, the fists fly but so do the harsh truths. Like the fact that Ryo doesn't have any remorse for blowing up EOS7 or the fact that he didn't actually kill Nyx.

We discover that Android has been hacked by gnarly looking dude in the scary VR chair that Ryo was talking to a couple episodes ago. Guess it's taken a while to hack the Android from across the galaxy using only your mind.

Sarah, meanwhile has gotten really familiar with the computer systems on the ship. Like Android familiar. She knows exactly what the Android did to protect certain systems before getting hacked and has an interface to the Android's neural matrix.

Ryo makes a few pitches to get what he wants. First, he offers to trade the Blink Drive for the Raza. Five isn't having any of that, so he moves on to the Delegates, offering them a sweet deal. If they ally themselves with Zairon, they’ll gain instant admittance to the League of Autonomous Worlds. This deal is good for Zairon and not so good for the colonies, but they don’t see it that way. Instant gratification is very tempting.

Android discovers where Five is hiding and heads down to threaten/capture her. But Five won't be taken so easily. A quick code word – Hot Chocolate - reboots Android and gives Five just enough time to give her some instructions and escape. Sidenote: So, can Five just never talk about Hot Chocolate around Android?

Those instructions allow Five and Sarah to trap Korvik in a scary mind void without his crazy chair. It's kinda harsh, but he DID mind jack the Android and try to steal the ship so …

With the systems restored the Raza crew seizes the opportunity to dispatch the rest of the Ishida soldiers. They do allow Ryo to head back with his memories intact, though, after he and Two basically vow to kill each other.

A few last minute revelations as the delegates leave the ship: Android didn't kill Wren, so we still don't know who the murderer is. Six gives up helping the independent colonies, because he’s tired, so now he needs a new purpose. Twelve of those colonies decided to take Ryo's deal. The war is only getting worse.

As one final hiccup, Five and Android think they've fixed the Blink Drive, but their tests cause a pulse that knocks out everyone - and maybe every system - on the ship. Next week's episode should be really interesting, gang.