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Episode Recap: Isn't That a Paradox?

The Raza crew faces their most dangerous situation yet: traveling back to 2017.


We pick up where we left off last week, with everyone unconscious after the Blink Drive malfunction. But when everyone comes to we discover a new wrinkle: They've been transported 600 years into the past. With limited options, and limited supplies, they head to the only place they know there are people, and where they discover another Blink Drive: Earth. More specifically, Wisconsin - circa the early 21st Century.

Android seems very excited about this whole thing, establishes covers for everyone (where did they get the period appropriate outfits?), steals them some bank accounts, rents a house and buys a car. Everyone's covers are kinda great in a ridiculous way. Two is Elaine, a soccer mom. Three is Mitch, a "slob" and Elaine's husband. Five is their "goth chick" daughter, Apple. Six is a "salary man" named Malvik, and Android is an "upwardly mobile suburban professional" named Rihanna who is married to Six.

Everybody splits up to try to find the Blink Drive and to buy ingredients for chocolate chip cookies so they can bring something to the neighborhood party. Two gets kind of adorable; all smiles, running into chocolate shops, wanting to adopt a dog.

Three notices her new, lighter attitude and tells her that he misses seeing her like this. He points out that, even though she's the boss she doesn't have to carry that weight alone. They're a team.

There's a spike in the Blink Drive readings but nothing conclusive enough to find it so they head to the neighborhood party as a means of gathering intelligence. This turns out to be a great idea because they run into the Professor, a local high school physics teacher who is very startled to see Two and Three. Obviously, their reputations precede them by a few centuries.

The kids follow Android back to the Marauder and discover that their new neighbors aren't spies after all, they're aliens.

While Two and Three go to investigate the professor's house, Five takes some time to hang out with Jake, one of the kids. He is impressed with her gaming skills and probably with the idea of befriending an alien.

Meanwhile, at the professor's house, Two and Three discover a secret basement lab and the second Blink Drive just in time to be electrocuted and knocked unconscious.

More bad news back at the party where Android tells Five and Six that the Marauder's proximity alert has been triggered. It might be nothing but they need to check it out anyway and with no car, Six has to find an alternate means of transportation and takes Jake’s bike.

And the hits keep on coming. One of Jake's friends spilled the alien beans to his dad, who pulled a parent move and called the police. Six is ambushed at the Marauder and arrested.

Two and Three wake up tied to a chair. The Professor is, in fact, from the future, and he knows who they are. Turns out, he's the reason they ended up back here in the first place. He used to work on the Blink Drive project but realized that the project was dangerous and would put him and his fellow scientists in danger as well. He escaped to the past and now he's gonna use it to go even further back and keep the Blink Drive out of anyone’s hands.

Five and Android arrive just in time to rescue them. Problem is, the feds are on the way and the Marauder is swarming with cops. Only way to fix it is to send Five back an hour or so to set a trap. Then they steal the Professor's Blink Drive so they can get home and spring Six from the police station before heading back to the Marauder.

Five's trap works, clearing the way for them to board the ship and head home. But first, she's got to say a goodbye to her new friend Jake who adorably professes his love for her. She lets him down easy, he gives her his video game system, and they head back to the future.

They make it back and Two decides it's too dangerous to keep the Blink Drive operational. The recall could be used again and they don't want to end up stranded in the past. They'll only use it for emergencies. They also discover that they didn't break history but that they were responsible for inspiring Jake to become a sci-fi author, which in turn inspired his great-granddaughter to invent Faster Than Light travel. Go figure.

We get a quick aside to check in with Ryo. Commander Neiman and his new allies, Portia Lin and Marcus Boone, approach him and offer to work together. We'll see what comes of this alliance.

Things are nice for the first time in a while on the Raza. Two and Five are playing video games and having a good time like normal friends. But they won't stay that way for long. Android gets a call from a distressed Victor. Seems like the other free Androids need her help but we won’t find out why until next week...