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Episode Recap: My Final Gift to You

Ryo seeks the help of his former crewmates, while Two gets news that you won't believe. Seriously.


It’s a full day of revelations and revenge and Zairon is the center of the action. When last we saw Two she was being kidnapped by Boone who apparently delivered her to the Ishida palace. It is Ryo's intention to ransom her for the Blink Drive, which Two insists isn't going to work because it's been "slagged and spaced."

Two seizes a moment of distraction to break free, kill some guards, and square off with Ryo in a sword fight, but an explosion keeps us from finding out who might win this battle. Turns out, a room in the palace where Ryo was meant to be meeting his generals was bombed, killing many of them. Unrest has been building and it seems like it might be coming to a head.

There's also some unrest back on the Raza, where Three is drinking away his sadness over Two's disappearance and possible demise, while Five reassures him that, since Android saw Two in the future, she has to still be alive. They get their answer pretty quickly as Ryo calls to make the trade. Of course, the crew says no, so he invites them to Zairon for dinner to talk things over. Three knows this is a trap, Six wants to hear him out. Five offers a compromise: Transfer Transit clones.

When the Raza Crew arrives on Zairon, they are quickly separated and forced to learn some harsh truths. During a very intense conversation, Six discovers rather quickly that it was Misaki who killed Nyx last season.

Two and Five argue about whether it was worth the risk to come to Two’s rescue. Two, naturally, thinks they should have stayed away, but Five lays down the law. She’s important and they were always going to come for her, Blink Drive or no.

Then there's Android. She might be back on the ship but that doesn’t save her from the revelation train. She installs the new emotional upgrade and discovers an avatar of Chase who is apparently here to guide her on her journey toward overthrowing humanity. No big deal. Also, he uses the word "anthroparchy," which is a great word.

Three is the first to get an audience with Ryo, who is here to drop some memory, having knowledge on his old friends. He reveals to Three that Sarah contracted the illness that killed her as a result of his actions. Three is pretty shaken.

Five is up next, and Ryo decides to use her sister against her. As it turns out, she found her long lost sibling once before and asked her to visit, which she did, just as Five was running away. Ryo hands her a photo of the family, which causes some serious distress, but we don’t get a look.

Then it’s Six’s turn, only he’s not here to be bribed, threatened, or guilted. He has a proposition. He offers Ryo their allegiance in exchange for their lives and control of the Blink Drive. Ryo’s not having it, but their conversation is cut short by yet another attempt on Ryo’s life.

Now it’s time for an uncomfortable dinner party where Ryo offers the Raza Crew 30 million bars in exchange for the Blink Drive. Six is a hard pass while Three, and surprisingly Five, want to take the deal. In an attempt to sway the vote, Ryo offers up another tidbit. Six was betrayed by a member of the GA, who outed his undercover operation to Portia. They don’t get much farther though, because attacks on Ryo’s bases pull him away and it seems like Teku might be the traitor.

Teku is a step ahead though. He's waiting in Two's room with a weapon, which he gives to her in exchange for helping him get Ryo out of the coup alive. Speaking of the coup, Teku isn't the one behind it. Misaki is and she's cornered Ryo in the court to cut off the head of Zairon.

While Ryo is defending his throne, Three makes sure Five and Six get back into their pods and transferred back to the ship, then gets himself killed so he won’t remember what Ryo told him.

Ryo puts up a good fight against Misaki, but he's not quite skilled enough to defeat her. Just as she's about to lay the poison blow, Two appears to save the day and finally get her revenge. She and Ryo escape back to the ship.

With Two back on board the crew discusses the immutable world of fate and whether all of future Five's portents will come to pass. We've seen three of them so far, and there are many more on the list. Further dinner discussion also includes a debate over whether or not to kill Ryo. Three says yes, of course, Six and Five say no. Two gives Android a vote and she says yes so it's up to Two.

Two votes yes, and prepares to kill her former crewmate. But before she can do it, Ryo has one last ace up his sleeve. A hint at one of those future events and the knowledge that Two, as Rebecca, had a child with Shaw and left her with someone named Cryden.

And with that final bombshell, Ryo prepares to meet his fate, while Two, shaken and confused, raises her gun.