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Episode Recap: Nowhere To Go

Alliances shift, secrets are revealed and past becomes present in the quest to prevent intergalactic war.


We’re picking up right where we left off last week. Two holds her gun on Ryo, preparing to kill him while Ryo pretty much tells her to get it over with. Before we can find out if she even can, though, they’re interrupted by a phone call from Teku. He’s got a fleet of ships loyal to Ryo and they want their emperor back. Not so fast.

The Raza Crew isn’t exactly willing to give him up after an entire season seeking revenge. Teku’s no fool, though, and he’s brought something that might interest them: the location of Boone, and by extension perhaps the rest of his crew. They agree to hold off on killing Ryo until they check it out.

First, though, some existential crises. Both Five and Two are wrestling with the news they received from Ryo. Five confides in Six that Alicia Reynaud, the woman who killed her friends and tried to kill her to get the Blink Drive back is actually her sister’s adoptive mother. That’s gonna be an awkward family reunion.

Meanwhile, Android has gotten into the lock box Ryo mentioned and retrieved a storage device full of password-locked files. She did notice one of interest, though. One marked Croydon, the name of the friend Two/Rebecca/Portia left her daughter with.

Family reunions will have to wait, though, because they’ve arrived at the location and discovered it’s a Ferrous shipyard just like the one from episode five, only this one is full of ships. They can’t exactly attack it on their own, so they call in Mikkei who are willing to provide a white hole device that will allow the Raza to destroy the station quickly and easily.

Of course, that assumes it works, which it doesn’t. Two, Three and Six get trapped behind enemy lines, captured, and split up. Two ends up in a room with a shady tech lady who asks questions about the Blink Drive and makes ominous comments, while Three and Six end up reuniting with their old friend Wexler who, SURPRISE, is actually a double agent for Mikkei.

Free of their bonds, Six heads off to rescue Two and he finds her tied up in the room where we last saw her. She’s acting a little weird but shakes it off. Three and Wexler meanwhile bring down the field that’s keeping them locked in and all hell breaks loose. Two, Six and Wexler make it off the station but Three is left behind, captured by Portia.

Back on board the Raza, Two wants to take out Ferrous once and for all, but when Mikkei is only able to provide six ships she turns to Ryo to supply much needed support in the form of Teku’s fleet. He helps them and he gets to go free. Good deal. With a plan in place we finally discover what happened to Two on the station. She’s been turned into an alien host. Bad news.

No time to dwell, though, because it’s space battle time. The Raza drops out of FTL, followed by the Mikkei and Ishida ships and immediately starts to attack the Ferrous ships and the station. Ferrous has the upper hand though and things aren’t going well for our heroes so, with Three safely off the station and taken somewhere by Portia, Two decides to sacrifice the Blink Drive and the Marauder to win the battle and the war.

She also takes the opportunity to take out the Android and force someone to pilot the Marauder manually. Six volunteers, because that’s the kind of guy he is, and he and Five say a very tearful goodbye.

Android manages to get a message about Two to Five who tries to stop Six but it’s too late. He can’t hear her. She gets a message to Ryo instead who takes out Two but Six is still on the way to the station. He detonates the drive, destroying himself, the Marauder and the station in one massive explosion that tears a hole in space-time. This is a bad, bad idea because there's something on the other side of that rift. The alien invasion has begun. The black ships are here.