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Episode Recap: One Last Card To Play

Raza vs Raza. When other dimensional alternates of the crew steal weapons, the real crew must get them back.


The beginning of this episode is just full of things to unpack. Like the fact that Zairon has internment camps and that Ryo seems to be locking up and interrogating anyone who might possibly know about dissent in the empire, which is unnerving. Ryo is struggling these days. The weight of taking back the throne and immediately starting a war is making him more and more desperate and a little unhinged. He just wants to hurt things, including his former crewmates.

We could spend more time on that, but Two and Three are also on the prison ship and they want to work with the prisoners to break out. They get the prisoners on board with the plan and manage to take the ship, but then things get weird. Instead of freeing the prisoners, Two REALLY frees the prisoners, flushing them out the airlock because, of course, that's not Two and Three. That's Portia and Boone, which are Two and Three’s doppelgängers. We knew they were tooling around the galaxy somewhere so it was only a matter of time before they showed up again.

They've brought the whole crew with them, minus one Jace Corso. We've missed Boone and Portia. The others not so much. Anyway, the crew of the Doppel-Raza are making every effort to hide their real identities, fighting with Ryo and trying to work with Truffault.

On the real Raza, Five is worried about Six and after the last episode, so are we. Android tries to console her when they get a call from Truffault who is NOT happy with them for stealing her shipment of missiles. The real Raza crew doesn't like being accused of crimes they did not commit. They got their bad reps all on their own, thank you. They quickly realize they're dealing with their doppelgangers and now they're out for blood.

Adrian gets all introspective this episode, wondering whether he really belongs on the ship. He's feeling useless. He has a point.

He does get to be useful this time though. But he gets his shot to help out the team when the real Raza crew uses him to play a con on the Doppel-Raza, telling them he's got a buyer for their pretty, pretty missiles and asking to meet with them to set up the sale. Adrian’s meeting with Wexler doesn't go quite as planned but Solara does get to punch Wexler out, so it's still a good time.

Of course, then things go pear-shaped because Portia finds and raids the Marauder and shoots Three.

Portia makes her way back to the Raza and is immediately confronted by Android who notices that, hey, you're wearing different clothes. They fight. It's awesome. Android wins and goes to free Three. Except he’s not Three. He’s Boone. The Doppel-Raza crew still has Three. He and Tash exchange many music related euphemisms.

Boone takes out Android, but, once again, everyone forgets about Five. She takes out Boone and immediately calls the Doppel-Raza to threaten them, cause she's awesome.

Tash isn't in the bargaining mood, deciding instead to loose their pretty, pretty missiles on the Raza. She's alone in her thinking, though, cause the Blue Android shoots her and makes the deal.

Since they're the only ones who can be trusted to do anything without shenanigans, the Androids make the trade. They also come to a sort of detente in which the Doppel-Raza won't come after the regular Raza, but really, how long is that gonna last? (The answer is: not even the end of this episode.)

Adrian decides to leave the Raza for a planet in Mikkei territory. The crew offers to let Solara stay without him, because she actually IS useful, but she doesn't. She has a contract and he’s already paid her and she’s a good person and he’d probably die if she weren’t there. This is surprisingly sad because they're actually pretty great.

Five says a very heartfelt goodbye to Adrian and it might just be us, but there are vibes.

Here's where things get interesting, cause Portia is now hanging out in Neiman's office and wants to "be friends" and "go after a common enemy" and this does not spell marshmallows and puppies.

Three is still visiting Sarah, who is now making plants and things. This is evolving into something but we’re not sure what it is. Is Three gonna get trapped here? There's no way things will stay this nice and serene forever.

We end on the very, very bad news. They head back to Six's colony to check in on him and find out why he hasn't been answering their calls. Something bad has happened, probably having to do with that thing Neiman was talking about last episode. All we know is that dead bodies greet the team on their arrival and there is no sign of Six.