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Episode Recap: The Dwarf Star Conspiracy

A mysterious facility holds the answers to past mysteries and a preview into future conflicts.


Three is having a very strange morning. He's awoken by a weird sensation and finds himself standing at a wall that isn't a wall and there are things behind the wall that want to get out. There's a girl there, strapped to a table, talking about how "they're coming" and "we're too late." Suddenly some black thing flies out of her mouth and Three wakes up for real. Of course, this is just a dream. Or is it?

Two and Six disagree about their course of action. They're above the planet Android told them about last week but Two is being very cautious. Six wants to get it over with so they can carry on helping out in the war.

Everyone gets called to the bridge because Android wants to show off her new outfit … and to tell them that she's found weapons in orbit.

Five suggests using the override Dr. Shaw gave them to knock out the defenses, which is brilliant because it works.

Android confronts Three about his obvious fear response to the planet since it's out of character for him. Three says he has a bad feeling and isn’t comfortable pursuing this plan based on a memory they can’t verify.

Before they head down to the planet, Two and Android also have a little heart-to-heart about Android's new look. Android explains that, after meeting Shaw, she finally sees herself as special and the outfit is just one way she can take control of her destiny. They hug.

On the planet they discover that Rebecca/Two wasn't the only one of her kind. Dwarf Star made a whoooole lot more. Hundreds. Maybe thousands. And they're all in this storage facility. Two quickly realizes that this may be what future Five was referring to when she talked about the Dwarf Star Conspiracy.

Five discovers that each of the people has an identity set up for them complete with backstory and parents, and that they range in age from 5 to 65. They're not an army, they're spies … or worse.

Before they can figure it out, Mikkei shows up and deploys a bunch of their soldiers to search the facility. They knew what they were going to find, and they've got a different name for them: Simulants. Mikkei wants to destroy most of the Simulants but Six argues that they're people and have a right to live. Maybe they can be convinced not to be loyal to Rook. Mikkei wants to know what makes him so sure, but they can't go outing Two as a Simulant herself.

Their conversation is interrupted by the discovery of that scary not-a- wall from Three's dreams. Upon encountering the wall, Three has a fit and goes into convulsions but the soldiers won’t let them leave. The Mikkei commander decides that the best way to figure out what's going on is to wake up one of the Simulants and torture him for information. After all, they're not human, so they have no rights and really, no worth.

Three escapes from Sick Bay and starts a manhunt which Two and Six enter to keep him safe. Two asks Five to hack the facility to track Three's comms, which, of course, she's already done.

Lieutenant Sagen starts acting very strangely. She removes the torture device from the Simulant and then shoots her commander in the head before revealing the blackness swimming in her eyes. She blames Three for the Commander’s death and tells everyone to shoot on sight.

Two and Six find Three passed out in front of the wall that's not a wall. Five, meanwhile, has hacked the computer and discovered that there's a whole other batch of Simulants that are already awake and working their way up the corporate military.

While all this is happening, Three is getting some answers of his own, courtesy of a hallucination. He discovers that the black swirly aliens he encountered before are working with Dwarf Star to inhabit all these Simulants and mount a full-scale invasion.

Two manages to convince the doctor that Sagen is a Simulant and he relieves her of command, but not before she can release several other Simulants. They decide to abandon ship, but Sagen opens the gateway, beginning the invasion. The Simulants start killing people and the aliens start infecting people. It's not a party.

Three and Six manage to get to the Marauder and off the planet, but Two isn't so lucky. She's still in the facility when the Doctor calls in a nuclear strike. Mikkei refuses to call it off despite Five's pleas. The facility gets nuked and the crew assumes Two is dead. That is, until Android says she detected a ship leaving the planet just before the explosion. Two wakes up on another Marauder, tied up, being taken somewhere by Boone.