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Episode Recap: Welcome To The Revolution

The crew tries to broker peace for a rebellion, but they won't go out the way they came in.


Taking a bit of a break from the intense drama of premiere night to get back to some good old-fashioned misadventures with just a dash of revolution and rebellion. The Raza crew have been called to a munitions factory on a colony belonging to the Tralgot corporation by…some dude named Adrian?

After shooting a nuclear missile out of the sky above the colony, the Raza crew arrive to discover that the person they thought was their always lovely handler Tabor is, in fact, his former apprentice Adrian. You see, Tabor has run off now that corporate war has broken out and Adrian is seizing the opportunity to take over his employer’s business. He’s here trying to convince the workers to declare their independence so he can get a cut of their income once they unionize. Adrian also has a bodyguard named Solara and she’s great.

Meanwhile, the workers actually agree with Adrian. It’s time to break free of their corporate overlords and they want the Raza to help. Six is down to party, he wants to help the citizens of the galaxy free themselves from corporate bondage, start an alliance, rebuild society, etc. but Two reminds him that things tend to go badly whenever they try to be heroes.

They don’t really have time to argue because part of the factory explodes, killing three of the workers, including their leader, Zem. The discovery of explosives at the site means this was not an accident and the workers want revenge. Six convinces them to let him try a peaceful solution and heads off to talk to the corporate soldiers to convince them to leave.

It actually works. Six convinces the soldiers to leave peacefully, abandoning the colony to its independence when a rogue element of workers opens fire on the soldiers, killing their leader, destroying the peace, and leaving Six a hostage. Two, Three and Solara, who is former Special Forces, take off to rescue Six, leaving Five to keep an eye on things. And they walk straight into a trap, nearly getting themselves blown to bits.

Meanwhile, while babysitting Adrian, Five learns that the original crew of the Raza consisted of Boone, Ryo, and some guys named Shrike and Jasper. Five wonders what happened to Shrike and Jasper and Adrian says he’s pretty sure it was Portia. Looks like there’s still backstory to be learned about our favorite crew.

Their conversation, as all good ones are, is interrupted by the aforementioned explosion and the soldiers taking the workers hostage. Our one rebellious worker sneaks off to grab a hidden radio and tells whoever is on the other line that "it's happening." The Raza crew storms in, no blazing guns, just very, very threatening, and demand the soldiers surrender and honor the original deal. They comply, and Six stops our favorite worker from stupidly picking up one of the discarded weapons and escalating the situation.

Dalla plans to send off the garrison with the next supply ship and turn the explosion/murder investigation over to the GA, but Six says she might not want to do that. He's been staring at the debris and he thinks it was probably blown up by a worker who wanted to start the conflict. Gee, who that could be....?

Just then, ANOTHER wrinkle as our old friend The General shows up. He was the one on the other side of that radio call, and he's here to take over. Six warns the workers against him and this turns into a … political debate? After nearly giving up and leaving, Six eventually wins that debate, partly due to his convincing arguments and partly due to the fact that he shoots the General in the face after the General rounds up soldiers and kills them in cold blood. That's one way to win an election.

Six decides to stay behind on the colony to help them with their newfound independence and no argument will stop him. Everyone hugs. Five cries. We all cry. Adrian and Solara join the crew and while no one is happy about that, it’s good to have some new blood.

While the crew was on the station, Android has discovered Sarah's virtual home in the ship's computer. Five comes clean about her little project, which throws Three for a loop, but we'll have to wait to find out how he deals with the news of his not-dead, but also not-alive, pre-amnesia girlfriend.

And back on Zairon, Ryo has hired a whole team of assassins and bounty hunters to track down and kill his former crewmates. Breakups are hard, man.