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Episode Recap: Wish I Could Believe You

A familiar face returns as one of the Raza crew learns a game changing bombshell about their past.


We pick up this week just before we left off last week and find out that there was a chemical attack on Cepheus 5. It doesn't look good for the folks living there, but someone  seems to have survived.

Six wakes up on the Raza and the crew fills him in on what happened. Everyone is dead but him. Six thinks it was Traugott taking out the insurrectionists. There's a meeting of the independent leaders and he wants to warn them. But before they can do anything, Six has a flash of memory where he meets his wife, Lara, and finds out he’s a father.

Two comes into the infirmary to tell Six that they can’t raise the leaders of the colonies via sub-light, so they need the coordinates of the secret meeting in order to tell them about the threat directly. Six isn’t too keen on giving up that information though.

Five, meanwhile, is rightfully concerned that Six could be getting his memories back. After all, look what happened to Four. She doesn’t want Six to become a different person.

Speaking of memories, here's another. Anders is trying to convince Six to quit his job to save his marriage. Six, or should we say, Cal, won't do it.

When Six wakes up back in the infirmary, lots of things happen at once. Android tells him the neurotoxin is killing him. Then she becomes the third person to insist he tell them where the summit is. Then he realizes he can't read the monitor, it’s all just gibberish. Before he can process any of this, he ends up back in another memory. His wife is packing her things because he refuses to quit his job.

Now it's Three's turn to try to convince Six to tell them the location of the summit, which Six finds extremely fishy. Also fishy? Now he can't read a pill bottle since the label is filled with even more gibberish.

We, the audience finally get to find out what's going on when Six blacks out and gets thrown around his own memories. None of it is real (shocker!). He's being held in a Ferrous Corp. facility with scientists rooting around his brain.

Meanwhile, on the real Raza, the whole crew is worried about Six. They're debating who is going to brave the chemicals when Anders calls them. He knows where Six is. Sometimes it’s good to have friends in law enforcement.

Six is finally questioning his reality and when Three says his wife's name, he knows something is rotten in the state of Denmark. He wakes up in the lab with the scientists holding a gun on him. Within a few seconds, though, the Raza crew shows up, shoots the scientists, and breaks him out.

Everything seems like it's back to normal until we find out that this is just another simulation. Six doesn't know that though - and Ferrous still wants that location – so Six receives a message from the leadership summit saying they're under attack. He immediately heads to the bridge to go there, which would give Ferrous exactly what they want.

Just when Six is about to lose the game for good, he flashes to another memory of his wife. Now he knows this isn't real and he decides to take some drastic measures to wake himself up once and for all. He steers the Raza out of FTL and into a planet. Everything explodes and he wakes up in the lab ready for a fight.

Then he gets shot in the chest and just when you think that’s it, Six is dead, it turns out he is actually probing the mind of one of the scientists and he's much better at it. He makes him think he’s shot Six, gets their coordinates and calls for a ride, finally back on the Raza for real.

With the big crisis over, Two and Three have a little heart to heart about the state of the galaxy and about Sarah. Three seems sad about the whole situation, since now he's Sarah's entire world and that’s a lot for him to handle. Six, meanwhile, decides to look up his wife and son, but she's remarried. There's no place for him there.

There is always room for him back on the Raza, though. With everything that’s just happened with Ferrous, they decide it's time to ally themselves with Mikkei in the corporate war. They may be neutral now, but eventually Ferrous will force their hand.

Once again, a lot of things happen at once. Three wonders to Sarah what he did to Ryo to make him hate him and Sarah gets this strange look in her eye. Then Two visits Sarah's environment for the first time and Sarah expresses her loneliness and dissatisfaction with the whole situation.

And things are also weird with the Android who starts wandering around the ship at night, visiting everyone's rooms and holding a gun on a sleeping Three.