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10 Things That Surprised Us About Deadly Class

Through a season of deadly twists and turns, these are the top 10 things that surprised about us about Deadly Class Season 1.

DeadlyClass_108_109_herov2 copy

Wow, it's really been quite a season of deadly twists and turns - we hope you're still hanging on! As if the premise of teen assassins weren't shocking enough, there were also other elements of the show from characters, storylines, and behind the scenes stories that really made us say, "Wait, what?!" 

Here are the top 10 things that surprised us about Deadly Class, Season 1.

1. The Backstories

Petra Mom Eyes

Honestly, every character's backstories were horrific nightmares. From Willie accidentally shooting and killing his father as a child to Petra's sex-cult dad killing and putting her mom's eyeballs in the fridge for her to find, it honestly couldn't get much worse. In these dark, yet beautifully rendered moments from the comic, we got to see pivotal moments from each character's childhood that informs us of who they are and why they are who they are today. Also, regardless of how different the stories are, every tale has leads back to the common thread of a broken family. Which lead our crew to create their own chosen families at Kings Dominion.

Grab a tissue and check out the episode recaps to read up on all the backstories.

2. No Character Is One-Dimensional


We couldn't believe it at first, but even our worst villain, F*ckFace, had layers. Somehow, this show made us sympathize with a gruesome serial killer - who's hobby includes **ahem** beastiality - even if it's for just a second. Characters in Deadly Class always surprised us when there was more to them than meets the eye. From Lex showing us his sensitive side, to Willie telling us why he's a pacifist, to Saya getting emotional and giving a sh*t, the incredible cast successfully demonstrated how complex these teen assassins truly are.

3. Saya Got To Lead

Missing media item.

Coming into the season, we all knew Lana Condor was going to be in the show, but we didn't know exactly how much. Throughout this first Season, Saya Kuroki developed beautifully into a central character in the show, even though she's one of the only leading characters now that has not had an comic book flashback. She doesn't play the cute, edgy sidekick. And she has very much come into her own. From playing Lara Jean in To All The Boys I've Loved Before to Saya Kuroki in Deadly Class, we truly stan for Lana Condor. Want to learn more about her? Click here.

4. Willie Gets The Girl


The winner of cutest and healthiest relationship goes to Willie and Gabrielle! Y'all win! We really love that Willie gets the girl here after enduring so much hurt and hardship in his life. Willie is probably basking in the sun with his darling in LA right about now and we're so here for it. It looks like there's probably no more assassin school for Willie, but will he ever return to the scene for his friends? We hope so...

5. Petra Is Goth Girl Confident

DC Ep8 Petra

It's honestly awesome to see how confident Petra is in her sexuality. Our first impression of Petra was that she's the quiet, goth girl that likes to sulk in the corner and will most likely be awkward. Instead, Petra has some of the best one-liners in the show, and also has the most boys coming after her! #Pilly or #Pex? This all comes to a boiling point during the lockdown issued by Master Lin. In a classic #YOLO moment, Petra reasons with Lex and Billy to have a threesome with her, while making them both feel extremely lame when each dude chickens out. No wonder Petra is a fan favorite, she owns who she is like a boss. #girlpower

6. Lin Gets a Family...

DC Top 10 Lin-

...Or at least for a little while. Though we know this tragic end by the Season Finale, we can't help but reminisce on the refreshing complexity of Master Lin's character and overall storyline. Even visually, Benedict Wong's incredible portrayal of Lin, is younger, softer, and more conflicted than the long-beard sporting, omnipotent, relentlessly disciplinary Lin in the comic. Through struggling to balance his own hopes for a more peaceful reality, Master Lin ends up in as much trouble as the kids, while also protecting them and having their back... a true Deadly Class papa.

7. Chico’s Talking Head

DC EP7 Chico

Though Chico's character was pretty evil, his death was a shock to us all, especially because we loved seeing Michel Duval (those eyes!) every week. Weirdly enough, we still got to see him for the next few episodes after his death as a talking, and beer-drinking, severed head animated through F*ckFace's imagination. We're just shocked in general that this even happened... like... what?!

8. Deadly Class Is a Trip - Literally


Whether acid it's your thing or not irl, this animated acid trip sequence was one of the most entrancing moments we've witnessed recently on television. Not only does it look good, but it mixes styles and takes you on a psychedelic adventure through the journey of Marcus' mind. In our opinion -  this is seriously a beautiful piece of art. 

Missed the mesmerizing moment? Click here to watch it again, like, a million times!

9. French Stewart's Improv Game is Strong

1920x1080_022719 (1)

Even the teachers at Kings Dominion are incredible. From French Stewart to Henry Rollins, it can't get much better, which each actor turning a quality performance. In an interview with Deadly Class co-showrunner Miles Feldsott, Feldsott mentioned that French Stewart, who played the Scorpio Slasher, would improvise the final line in all of his scenes. Epic. Like in Episode 7, where French really killed it (no pun intended). Just two words: ICE. CREAM.

To get more behind the scenes scoop, listen to The Official Deadly Class Podcast, featuring interviews with our cast and creators. Listen on, or wherever you get your podcasts.

10. The Cast Was Cool & Close

DeadlyClass_108_109_herov2 copy

Throughout all of our cast interviews for the podcast, one thing was crystal clear- both on screen and off, this group was truly a family. But don't take our word for it, see for yourselves in this exclusive Newlyfriends video.

Missed any of the moments we mentioned above? Catch-up by watching full episodes of Deadly Class episodes, only on SYFY.