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10 Things to Know about María Gabriela de Faría

Get to know Deadly Class actress María Gabriela de Faría! 


María Gabriela de Faría plays Maria in the upcoming SYFY series Deadly Class, based on the comic series of the same name. Deadly Class is steeped in the grit of 80's punk and so is the character, Maria. Deadline describes her as a character that uses her instability as a superpower. Get to know Maria the character, here. Then check out this list and get to know 10 things about Maria, the actress:

  1. In addition to her acting chops, María Gabriela de Faría is also a talented singer.
  2. She was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. 
  3. She first came to fame in her role as Isabella "Isa" Pasquali in Sony Latin America/Nickelodeon's teen telenovela series "Isa TKM" and IsaTK+." 
  4. She began acting at the age of 5.
  5. María has won several awards including the "Young Actress of the Year" 2-Gold award, the Young Actress of the Year award in Venezuela, and four Nickelodeon Kid Choice Awards. 
  6. She also starred in the sucessful Nickelodeon series "Grachi" and "Yo Soy Franky."
  7. "Isa TKM" and "Isa TK+" also had two #1 albums and a sold-out live tour.
  8. Deadly Class will be María's first major project in the United States.
  9. "Isa TKM" became #1 in its demographic in over 28 countries in its first season. 
  10. In an interview at San Diego Comic Con, María said that she thinks her character's favorite class in the Deadly Class curriculum would be martial arts. We'd have to agree after seeing her and her classmates in action, here.

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