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10 Thinks to Know about Luke Tennie

Get to know Deadly Class actor Luke Tennie. 


In SYFY's Deadly Class, Luke Tennie plays the Willie a no nonsense assassin in training who secretly has a heart of gold. Get to know more about Luke and Willie with these 10 fun facts:

  1. Deadline described Willie as a seemingly “hardened gangster, but underneath is an honest and thoughtful person who would rather be reading comic books and listening to music than engaging in blood work.”
  2. Luke played Adam Green in the 2017 film, Shock and Awe.
  3. In terms of Willie’s fighting style, Luke described the character as a “bare-knuckle brawler” and a “straight shooter” that has “mastered the façade.”
  4. Luke told Entertainment Weekly that if he had to attend a fictional high school, he would absolutely choose Deadly Class’ Kings Dominion.
  5. Luke grew up in South Florida.
  6. Luke said his least favorite thing about Willie is that he doesn’t like making friends and meeting people, which is very unlike Luke himself.
  7. Luke appeared in 2018 indie film Thriller/Vengeance, playing a character named Derrick Jackson.
  8. Luke is 6’3! He noted that he’s a lot taller than the graphic novel version of his character.
  9. Deadly Class is Luke’s first television role.
  10. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Luke said he’s excited that Willie has such a strong moral compass, because growing up, there weren’t a lot of characters that looked like him that were portrayed as such. He’s eager to increase positive representations on screen.

See Luke and his classmates shoot the breeze in this exclusive behind the scenes video.