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Episode Recap: Kids Of The Black Hole

After discovering Chester has taken over Shabnam’s house, our heroes lay down plans to raid it.


The evil forces of Chester are mounting, and Saya’s recon reveals that all of his threats are founded. He knows about everything Marcus has been up to because Shabnam’s parents have been feeding him info, via phone calls from Shabnam himself. Although now that’s going to be Shabnam’s mom flying solo b/c Chester killed Shabby’s dad.

Saya calls an off-campus meeting to share the info and hatch a plan. Willie’s pacifist tendencies kick in, though, and he wants no part of this: the attack on Chester, the good guys against bad guys… and maybe even his friendship with Marcus. He gathers his essentials, heads over to Gabby’s place, and asks her to leave town with him. Once she gets over her initial shock, she says yes. And off to LA they go…

Marcus knows they’re gonna need some serious fire power to take down the ‘Face stronghold, so he convinces, cajoles, and shames Lex into connecting them with a guy who supplies C4. For some God-only-knows reason, they decide to make the exchange at a rock show, with dozens of witnesses. Fortunately for them, Lex’s contact is skittish and only wants to deal with Lex, leaving the rest of the kids to enjoy the mosh pit and Saya’s whisky flask. Marcus tries to head back to King’s, since Maria begged him to stay with her on what could be their last night together. But when he thinks of hanging out with a crying Maria vs. a moshing Saya, he sorta forgets the promise he made.

He also sorta forgets what time it is and wakes up the next day in the park with his pants around his ankles, a naked Saya next to him, and a feeling like hot lead in his stomach. He’s hungover… and he had sex with his girlfriend’s best friend. And both of them are deadly assassins, so no matter who he pisses off, there’s gonna be a price to pay.

He runs to the comic store (where the C4 was stashed last night) to find a hoard of screaming kids clamoring to get in and read their favorite stories. He fights back the urge to vomit until the Vegas crew show up (now with added Lex and Petra!) and kick everybody out. Saya is conspicuously missing.

In a stroke of horrible timing, Lin has called on Saya to guard his home tonight, and she’s honor-bound to do so. Lin fears his sister may be coming to kill them all, so he places his most trusted protegee as a bodyguard. But when Saya stands for hours in the peaceful streets, she figures nothing bad is going to happen and rushes to meet her friends. Marcus is overjoyed to see her.

Maria is the opposite of overjoyed that Marcus is overjoyed. Lin, all this time, has been fighting his sister and her many pieces of furniture (those naked people who hold up her bookshelves and things). We thought Brandy and Vlad had double-crossed Lin by spilling secrets to Gao, but it was actually Lin double-crossing Gao by sending in his double agents, Brandy and Vlad. Get it? Well, Gao does, and escapes. Brandy, Lin, and Vlad kill all the furniture, only to find themselves locked in Gao’s office. Lin squeezes through the tiny door but leaves his students behind to fume over the lose-lose of it all.

Lin rushes home to find – Diablo?! Yes, he’s calmly sitting at the dinner table while Lin’s wife and daughter fear for their lives. Gao is nowhere to be seen. A bloody melee starts almost immediately, and though Lin manages to save his daughter, his wife sacrificed herself so that he could do so. Diablo makes it out alive, too, which means that if Marcus and the crew don’t get Chester tonight, they’ll have Diablo after them, as well.