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Episode Recap: Noise, Noise, Noise

Marcus, dealing with the guilt of killing Rory, has a party at Shabnam’s and all the school is invited.


Since killing Rory, Marcus is fronting like it’s NBD, but in reality he’s freaking tf out and is having hallucinations that he’s seeing Rory. Professor Denke and Marcus bond over their mutual hatred of Ronald Reagan. Marcus muses that, “Hating what’s wrong is easy. I’m going to do something about it.” Denke is impressed by the young lad's ambition, tells him he has something special, and to be careful because the others will try to destroy him.

Before Marcus has time to process Denke’s warning, it’s time for Dark Arts class. Willie lies and says that he killed Rory. Master Lin doesn’t believe him and is generally pissed that nobody completed their murder homework so he gives them another assignment: Survive and earn your place here or die. Then, the Master goes all Riddler on us: "I'm alive without breath and cold as death. I'm never thirsty but always drinking. What am I?" Then Lin goes all sadistic on us and releases poisonous gas into the air and gives the students five minutes to get to the botanical lab to find the antidote that will save their lives. Thennnn, the students have to battle past some weapon-toting monks. NBD.

When they make it to the lab, Marcus figures out that the answer to the riddle is FISH. Just as he spots the antidote - a plant with a fish symbol on it - Chico kicks it
out of reach because assholes never tire. Maria uses her last breath to grab some leaves, feed them to her friends and save the day. She hesitates when it comes time to save Chico and we don’t blame her.

To celebrate being alive, the kids head to their classmate Shabnam’s house for a party.
Everyone is there except for Maria and Chico, because they can never have any fun, per Chico's instructions. At Shabnam’s, Willie confesses to Marcus that he accidentally killed his dad but his mom gave the story a different spin and made it seem like Willie’s dad was killed by a rival gang, so Willie in turn killed the gang and that’s how he got into Kings Dominion. Shhhhh! Don't tell anyone!

Billy confesses to Petra that he loves her. Petra responds by making out with Viktor. As the liquor starts flowing, a few fights break out. Brandy makes a racist joke, Marcus throws a drink on her. Saya confronts Marcus about being the one who killed Rory, not Willie. Marcus denies it and has a tantrum. Lex finds Shabnam's mom's dildo and parades it around the party. Saya slices the dildo in half. Chaos ensues and the cops show up. Marcus hallucinates that he keeps seeing Rory everywhere. Willie helps him snap out of it and they run.

Meanwhile at dinner, Chico shoots an old friend (not really) in the face in front of Maria to make a point. He knows about Marcus and Maria and tells Maria not to test him. Maria, you in danger girl!

The next day, Master Lin makes Marcus attend Rory’s funeral and speak a few words on his behalf. Marcus speaks his truth: “Rory was the worst.” Later, Master Lin tells Marcus that Rory was wanted for six unsolved murders so Marcus did a good thing by taking out someone who needed to be taken out. Marcus is conflicted. Marcus also gets a new room and new roommate - Shabnam!

During their usual fireside chat Saya tells Master Lin that Marcus is a liar, a liability with the cops, and a substance abuser. She also spills the beans that Marcus didn't kill the kids at the orphanage. Master Lin wonders who did...

As we cut to a cop responding to a call at a petting zoo about a man doing... things... to a goat. We’ll call the man Scarface. The man sets a booby trap for the cop and tells him he needs help finding someone. That someone? Marcus.