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Episode Recap: Saudade

On a mission to Vegas to kill Billy’s dad, Marcus accidentally takes way too much acid.


Wow. How to explain the weekend Marcus had? It’s like…you know tfw you agree to drive to Vegas to help your friend kill his dad, but on the way you want to impress the other kids there, so you take seven hits of acid, and then you remember you’re there to help your friend kill his dad?

Marcus agreed to help Billy commit patricide, as the kids say, because if he doesn’t, Billy’s little brother will also get shipped to Kings, and his mom will die. They disguised it as a crazy road trip so they could bring Saya, Willie, and… uh-oh. Maria. Which means Chico’s not far behind, and that dude is a walking rectal cavity.

So yeah, Marcus is tripping balls on the seven hits, watching his hotel room melt into oblivion, when he realizes Billy is next door, and his dad is in the process of beating the brakes off him. Marcus runs to his friend’s defense and deals the fatal blow. In rushing to help Billy, Marcus locks himself out of the hotel room and, long story short, he gets picked up for underage gambling.

Marcus’ melting brain is doing all it can to hide the murder from the cops, since that’s way worse than gambling OR drugs. And then Master Lin shows up. But now he’s gone. But now he’s back again? Ohhh… he’s a hallucination, too. Fun.

Apparently, Marcus is good at keeping his mouth shut because the cop mercifully takes his fake ID and orders him to stay the hell out of his casino. Marcus agrees to the terms. He scrambles away, only to find himself trapped in the elevator with F*^kface. Or is he a hallucination, too? F*^face makes threats of murders to come, but doesn't murder right now so the the plot continues...

Still locked out of his room, Marcus bangs on Maria’s door and when she answers, she's wearing red undies. They have a deep connection, like soul-to-soul, and then start ripping each other's clothes off. We knew this was coming, didn’t we?

And all of this is awesome, until Chico busts through the door, gun ablazing. Marcus makes it out of the room and tears through the streets of Vegas, the acid still making taffy of his brain, while Maria gathers the troops and heads off to save Marcus.

They find him in a dank alley with Chico about to end his miserable life, when Willie steps in pointing a gun to Chico’s head. The Soto Vato has heard the rumors, though, and knows Willie could never pull the trigger. Billy steps in next, and Chico drops him in one blow (read: knife to his gut) before going back to Marcus’ death by a thousand cuts. Everyone screams at Chico to stop, to no avail. Marcus wheezes in a painful breath as he sees a red and black fan slice through the air, cutting Chico’s throat. Bye, Chico. He falls to the ground and bleeds out on the concrete as Saya, Maria, and Willie scoop up their injured friends and speed outta town. And guess who else was watching the whole scene unfold from a dark corner of the alley? F^*face.

The guys get sewn up at one of the secret surgeries in the KD network before blasting through the desert back to San Francisco. Saya, full of adrenaline, is at the wheel while Marcus, barely conscious, leans into Maria in the back seat. In the rearview mirror, Saya sees them share a soft kiss and for a brief moment we see something in her eyes that looks like jealousy.