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Episode Recap: Sink With California

Our heroes raid Chester manor, while across town Lin runs with his daughter from El Diablo.


Well, tonight's the big night that exactly no one was looking forward to: the sack of the redneck stronghold. Lex, Billy, and Petra are getting cold feet, but Saya reminds them that this little scraggly ball of outcasts is all any of them has in the way of family.

The intrepid Kings students, bust down the doors of Chester's house with an elaborate coordination of fireworks and C4, all of which were unnecessary, since nobody seems to be home. Just some chickens running around being smelly. Saya, alone on the second floor, thinks it's a lost cause and puts away her katana moments before she sees a burning cigarette on the desk – oh sh#t! It's a trap! She fends off a redneck
assailant, but just barely.

And Maria, who sneaks in and sees the fight, does nothing to help Saya. The former friends have it out in the way they were trained: through kicks, punches, stabs, and slices. They almost kill each other, but then here come two more stinky assailants. They manage to fight them off, partly with the help of Billy and Petra, who then run off to find the others.

Maria bandages her wounds and tells Saya they have to go find Marcus, but the betrayal is too deep for Saya. Sure, she slept with Maria's boyfriend, and that's bad. But Maria almost watched Saya die. I know it's apples and oranges, but… I don't like them apples. Saya renounces them all, and leaves.

Lex has been fighting alongside Marcus, alternating between kicking ass and getting theirs handed to them. Chester lures Marcus down to the basement (which is like, horror 101, don't do that), leaving Lex to fend off more monsters. One of them almost ends his life, but Petra and Billy come to the rescue once again. Lex holds onto them with the tenderest hug he's ever given.

Marcus finds himself waylaid by Chester, who built a shabby yet elaborate "set" for a "talk show", with the redheaded captive as the announcer. It's Chester's mission to force Marcus to admit who was the real murderer behind the boys' home fire, which he does… and then adds that "Face only did it to feel important." Backpedaling like a pro,
Marcus says that he sees Chester's pain. He sees how alike they are and invites him to come with him to Kings Dominion, as friends. And then he whacks him on the head with a brick, because that's what friends at Kings do. But really, tho.

Marcus makes a run for it and Chester easily catches him and starts beating the pulp out of him in a room full of barking dogs in cages. As he's about to pass out, Marcus manages to set one of the dogs free, who, eager at the opportunity to attack his abuser, rips Chester's throat out. Marcus stumbles to a fridge with Chico's old bandana on it, opens it, and sees none other than Chico's head. He takes the prize and heads
upstairs to find the others.

Maria is the first person he sees, and she reads him for filth, which he has to admit he kinda deserves. He tries to apologize, but she's not having it. She walks away and he follows, holding Chico's head in his hands cuz he's a big dummy. They open the gate and walk right into the path of Diablo and his men. Lex runs after them and is immediately shot by one of Diablo's gang. Out of the frying pan and into the doo-doo.

Just hours, or maybe even moments before this, Lin and his daughter were running from Diablo's assassins. They went through dark alleys, dim hallways, were assisted by Kings Dominion guards in disguise, and finally ran out of options – except for the one where Lin's tiny daughter picks up a club and smashes Diablo's man with it.

Lin and his daughter are once again on the run and make it to the safety of his office at Kings. Lin collapses, only to look up and see Gao walking slowly towards him. He tries to stop her from taking his child and sending her to this mysterious temple, but he has nothing left. He's literally been fighting for hours, and his last sight may be his sister
dragging his daughter away from him.