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Top 5 GIFable Moments from Deadly Class Episode 10

Here's the weekly quality GIF content you need from Episode 10 of Deadly Class. Believe it or not, you can indeed relate to teen assassins. 


Missed the Season Finale of Deadly Class? Don't trip, here's a quick look at the most OMG-worthy moments from Season 1, Episode 10.

1. Boys Are Still Boys: The gang is ready to start the raid on Shabnam's house, but Marcus wants to talk about his feelings …now?! What in the world… the timing couldn't be worse. Saya is just like "???" I really can't deal with this right now I'm about to kill some serial killer hillbillies. Read the room, Marcus.


2. Everyone's Yelling!!!!!: After one of many showdown's in Shabnam's house, we gather that F*ckFace's folks aren't exactly the most skilled killers. After seeing the accidental killing of one of their own with an unstoppable chainsaw, the extremely graphic image leaves everyone on all sides yelling.


3. One Last Kiss: It's the #Pilly moment we've been waiting for! Oops… we spoke too soon. An explosion interrupted Petra and Billy's lovefest. Petra gives us this super sweet smile right after Billy mentions that they might all die so they should probably finally kiss… she's about to go in for the kill but timing was not on their side. Billy can't seem to win!


4. Oh No You Didn't: *TFW someone completely reads you* Maria and Saya's
friendship has been tested about half a season by now. Their sisterhood reaches a fever pitch after Maria figures out that Saya slept with Marcus. In an epic fight scene between the two (former?) best friends, Maria slices Saya's cheek. Will they make up eventually? It doesn't look promising right now…

Missing media item.

5. F*ckface's Variety Talking Hour: Though he can't seem to get on Donahue, it seems like Chester has created his own live talk show program. We love the outfit, the glasses, the set design, and  Shandy's announcer skills. In this scene, Chester has Marcus on as the "honored guest" as  Chester interrogates him and wants Marcus to admit that he did not kill everyone at the boy's home. Marcus admits and tricks Chester so he can finally escape. Well played, Marcus!


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