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Top 5 GIFable Moments from Deadly Class Episode 2

Here's the weekly quality GIF content you need from Episode 2 of Deadly Class. Believe it or not, you can indeed relate to teen assassins. 


In this week's episode, A LOT happens. From a deadly test to confessions of love, you really get it all. 

Like any good millennial who craves #relatablecontent, we’ll be highlighting the best moments from each episode with some sick GIFs.

Check out the Top 5 GIFable moments from Episode 2.

1. Lunchtime: *us after gym class* Chico and crew, covered in their own blood, stroll on into the cafeteria for lunchtime. Not to be rude, but they look awful. 


2. Canned by the Commie: We meet Shabnam for the very first time in this scene, and it's only a matter of seconds before our class president hopeful is canned. Viktor is clearly not a fan of democratic student government... not that we're suprised... 

COMP Viktor.Shabnam.Ep2_1

3. Girls Poop Too: Honestly, it's about time that a TV show depicted what a real female friendship looks like. This is what we talk about at sleepovers.To all you boys out there: yes, it's true... girls poop too. 

Missing media item.

4. Pizza? Marcus here = us. *Biggest face-palm ever* We don't know about you, but we were rooting for Billy this whole scene (it was a rough one) when he tries to profess his love to Petra. He starts off with an AWKWARD convo starter about pizza (pictued here) to try and break the ice. However, he quickly recovers with a beautiful sincere declaration of his feelings... BUT THEN... he says "I love you" (NOOO!!). This leads us to this specific moment. What an emotional rollercoaster. And despite it all, we still ship #Pilly. 


5. Slash the Patriarchy: Enough with the nonsense, boys. We don't have time for this foolishness. We saved the best one for last here. In one quick *swoosh*, Saya literally slashes the patriarchy with a swing of her sword. Incredible. Marcus' face is so us right now.


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