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Top 5 GIFable Moments from Deadly Class Episode 3

Here's the weekly quality GIF content you need from Episode 3 of Deadly Class. Believe it or not, you can indeed relate to teen assassins. 

Pilly Ep 3 Blog

From prank wars to school dances, we have ALL of the high school nostalgia this week. We also get to see a lot of our girl, Petra in this episode - FINALLY! What an emotional rollercoaster.

Like any good millennial who craves #relatablecontent, we’ll be highlighting the best moments from each episode with some sick GIFs.

Check out the Top 5 GIFable moments from Episode 3.

1. Will You Go to the Dance with Me?: Major classic teen movie vibes here. The popular jock, Viktor, asks the "weird" girl, Petra, to the dance. She rejects him a few times, but then changes her mind to spite Brandy. Here, Viktor is smiling like a little boy when Petra finally agrees to be his date. More on this later... 

V3 DC EP3 Viktor_1

2. Karma's a B*tch and So Are You: It's always nice to see our most hated character suffer the consequence of a prank retaliation from The Rats. You better watch your back Brandy, there's more where that came from!

V3 DC EP3 Brandy-

3. Swag Like Shabz: At one of the biggest events of the year, we pan around to all the different cliques dancing together and having a blast. Then we see Shabnam, dancing by himself and having the time of his life with no care in the world. An icon. A legend. 

COMP DC EP3 Shabnam Dancing_1

4. Petra and Her Boys: Ok, back to Petra. At the dance, she was finally having a good time with Viktor until he totally betrays her and leads her to a trap where Brandy and crew give her a makeover and humiliate Petra in front of the whole school. Petra manages to escape any further embarrassment, and runs to the roof of Kings Dominion where Lex, Marcus, and Billy are hanging out. Earlier, we saw the boys give her a lot of sh*t for going to the dance with Viktor. Instead of saying "I told you so," they see a friend in need and decide to comfort her. SO. CUTE. On top of that, Marcus, ever so scrappy comes up with a group revenge plan on the spot, seen here. 

COMP DC E3 Petra and Marcus

5. Lady in Yellow: What an incredible way to tie up Petra's arc in this episode. Billy is SMOOTH AF in this scene. Leading up to this moment, with no one around, he puts on the record "Lady in Red" and asks Petra for a dance. She's loving every minute of it, especially after everything she went through with Viktor and Brandy. Will there be more to this blossoming love later this season? Only time will tell... And until then, we're totally shipping #Pilly

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