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Top 5 GIFable Moments from Deadly Class Episode 8

Here's the weekly quality GIF content you need from Episode 8 of Deadly Class. Believe it or not, you can indeed relate to teen assassins. 


Episode 8 has arrived and it is lockdown time! After Yukio is killed and Juan tries to attack Saya in the hallway, Master Lin has had enough. Effective immediately, all students are pushed by guards into random rooms by chance. Some weird pairings are created and the drama stew starts to simmer. 

Here are the top 5 GIFable moments from Season 1, Episode 8 of Deadly Class.

1. All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go: Poor Willie. Let him go on his date! While on his way to bring Gabrielle flowers, the lockdown is issued and Willie gets stuck with Viktor and Marcus. Here, he's finally admitting defeat to the situation while Viktor is mumbling dumb comments about Willie's flowers. 

DC Ep8 Willie

2.  Paper is Food: Still stuck, Marcus receives a note from Maria saying that she wants a truce with Saya. This is, um, important information, but guess what... VIKTOR EATS THE NOTE and the right message goes to no one. Truly a savage move. In communist Russia, PAPER EATS YOU!!!

DC Ep8 Viktor

3. Use Protection: As lunchtime during the lockdown is announced, Shabnam starts stuffing things in his sweater as armor for preparation. Here, he's showing Saya why he needs to protect his tummy - his word, not ours - since it is an especially vulnerable area. This also reminds us of when friends ask you to eat food but you just ate. Pure disappointment.

DC Ep8 Shabnam

4. Final Touches: Out of context, this just looks like Maria is getting fierce before heading out for the day. In context, we know she's slipping a weapon in her hair to attack Saya with and getting real mad, real fast. Sneaky and deadly - classic Maria fashion.

DC Ep8 Maria

5. All Or Nothing: Petra was not playing games in this episode. During the lockdown, Petra ends up in a room with Billy and Lex. What else would a teen girl, stuck in a room with two boys (who are both in love with her) do, aside from offer a threesome? Isn't this the most logical possibility? **sarcasm** Obviously, the boys are going to play chicken. Lame. 

DC Ep8 Petra

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