Stephanie Leonidas

An attractive Irathient woman, Irisa is Nolan's tacit second-in-command and adoptive daughter. Smart, independent and feisty, Irisa still struggles with the weight of her unusual upbringing. Nolan has encouraged Irisa to leave behind her traumatic past. He rescued her at a young age, and the two have been inseparable ever since. But leaving the past behind is easier said than done.

About Stephanie Leonidas

Stephanie Leonidas is known for her many television appearances, including Whitechapel, Eternal Law, and the BBC's Dracula, as well as the award-winning ITV film for television Wall of Silence.

Other film credits include the lead role of Helena in David McKean's Mirrormask, Luis Llosa's feature film Feast of the Goat, Ben Sombogaart's Crusade in Jeans: A March through Time, Luna and Andrew Douglas' U Want Me To Kill Him.

Stephanie has also appeared on stage in the lead role of Dani in Marianne Elliott's The Sugar Syndrome and Adela in Gadi Roll's House of Bernarda Alba.

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