Claire Riesen

Roxanne McKee

Daughter of General Riesen, Claire took over her father's position as Lord Of The City when he left town. She is beloved by the people and always does her best to watch out for the city's lower classes despite her sheltered and privileged upbringing. However, ruling a city and being its princess are two very different things. Claire is in love with Alex and pregnant with his child. 

About Roxanne McKee

English actress Roxanne McKee is perhaps best known for her role as Doreah in the hugely successful Emmy and BAFTA winning Game Of Thrones.

Roxanne’s career started in television with roles in The Persuasionists, Hollyoaks, Inspector Lewis and the hit BBC series Lip Service. Additionally, Roxanne stars in ALT, a mind-bending drama from the team behind the BBC's Being Human.

On the big screen, she's starred in The Expelled, Vendetta, as Queen Alcmene in The Legend of Hercules alongside Kellan Lutz and as Blanche in Ironclad: Battle for Blood.

You can follow her on Twitter @Roxanne_Mckee