Heirs of Salvation

People! First, here' s a quick recap of Season 1 before you get into Season 2's opener!

Dominion: Season One Recap

Now that you're all caught up to speed, here's the Season 2 Episode 1 recap!

Let's start off with a quick recap, because that's what Claire Riesen does. She's the lady of the city – but we'll get to that.  So … God has disappeared and there is a war between Heaven and Earth. The bad guys (subjectively) are the angels: some archangels, most notably Michael and Gabriel that lead the charge, but for the most part the major problem is the 8-Balls. These are lower-level angels who take over the bodies of human beings and turn their eyes dark black and their teeth pointy – and the world is just FULL of them. There is also prophecy about "The Chosen One" – who turns out to be a handsome dude named Alex, who has tattoos all over his body that change and somehow message what he's to do next. So, basically everyone we care about is in Vega, which used to be Las Vegas.

Caught up? Good. Now, then…

Alex, The Chosen One, is being held captive in the aerie of angels led by the archangel Gabriel, somewhere high in the Rocky Mountains. Gabriel is mad about it. Turns out that the deal he and Alex had – that he'd spare Vega and Claire and the unborn baby in exchange for Alex trying to decipher the tattoos with him – is wearing thin. Also Noma, who is also an angel and used to have a thing with Alex, is shocked to learn a baby exists at all. Gabriel tries to pin her wings, but everyone is interrupted when a giant bomb blows Gabriel's lair to smithereens.

David Whele and Claire have an argument. He's mad about the fact that she bombed the aerie without asking him, but also that she gave several of floors of the Wynn Hotel to the poor people of Vega (the V1s).  David tries to make her feel rotten by telling her she also killed Alex, but she says she already knew. Claire Riesen is a shrewd leader, team. But of course she DIDN'T kill Alex, he's used the chaos to find Noma and escape. They're on their way to New Delphi (another city) now, even though Michael said not to go there. Alex saw him betray Vega, and besides, Alex has something everyone wants – the tattoos – because he's The Chosen One. And he's going to go and get help for Vega.

We catch up with Michael bathing in the ocean and we get a butt shot. A woman (played by WWE's Alicia Fox) spots him and he spots her and then she bolts. Later, Michael wanders into Mallory, Alabama, surrenders his weapons, and learns from a nice lady named Laurel that their town is totally protected from 8Balls. Everyone's super religious and Michael wonders if God - "Father" - actually DOES still exist and if Mallory is proof. Back in Vega, David Whele gets super angry at Claire when they figure out some angels survived the bombing, while Alex and Noma pillage a school and take some supplies to fix the truck and unknowingly pick up an 8-Ball hitchhiker.

It turns out that the 8-Ball hitchhiker is named Pete, and Alex and Noma are shocked to find that Alex is able to perform an eviction on him and remove the angel from his body. David Whele, meanwhile, has taken matters into his own hands and gathered all the wealthy citizens of Vega to figure out what to do about Claire giving away hotel space to poor people. He murders a guy in plain view to scare everyone and tells everyone to come to him first – and also to ruin the poor people's lives more than they're already ruined.

Then something amazing happens! Pete! No longer an 8-Ball, Alex and Noma are surprised to find him alive and realize that he's special, so they take him under their wing (Noma literally, Alex, figuratively) and agree to protect him. All of this, while Gabriel decides it's time to do what he's wanted to do for a while now – burn Vega to the ground. Also, someone needs to find his sister, Uriel. She's missing.

Back in Mallory, Alabama, Michael learns that the 8-Balls seem to be afraid of the giant fire in the center of town. Now that it's raing, though, the fire goes out and the 8-Balls attack and Michael chooses to fight with Laurel and the townspeople who earlier pulled guns on him. Once they're defeated (and the fire relit), Michael heads back to the church to see if his father (God) is there. No answer, so it doesn't look good.

Finally, Arika and Claire plot to "do something" about David Whele, who is contending with the ghost of his dead (?) son William. All the while, Noma, Alex and Pete, running through the woods, are taken captive by a new faction we haven't seen before. Here. Comes. Trouble.