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Episode Recap: From A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Pirates, mythic czars and Star Wars-esque Bounty Hunters? Good luck with this challenge, artists.


It’s Champions Week at Game Face! For the first time in history, four Face Off champions will battle each other for a chance to win Game Face. Cig (Season 11), Darla (Season 8), Nicole (Season 3), and Rashaad (Season 6) bring their mastery to the first challenge: to design the animate corpses of pirates. Each contestant will choose a treasure chest filled not with booty, but with a shanty about the manner of death suffered by the captain they will create.

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Nicole loves pirates, wants to design her wedding with a pirate theme, so she’s super excited to find her pirate died in a watery grave. She finds a sagging face prosthetic, sculpts some barnacles, and she’s off and running. The judges are super impressed by how much she accomplished, though they wish she had gotten a little more into the bloat that drowning brings.

Rashaad’s shanty tells of a man hanged by the magistrate, and finds a prosthetic of a face that’s stretched out and rotting. The judge's  feedback for him? Ligature marks from where the rope dug in to the neck. Darla’s pirate was blasted by a cannon ball, and though she finds a great burn prosthetic, she has trouble representing the ball, and forgets to bring the burn down from the face into the neck. Cig pastes together a few different prosthetics for his shipwrecked captain, which is really cool and very Cig, but he loses his way in the paint. The muddy coloring sends him home.

Next up, the artists must create a ruler from a legendary land. Darla, who has always been inspired by marine life, chooses the trident of Atlantis, and creates a fish-faced beauty (yes, that’s a thing) in turquoises and warm sand colors. She spends a lot of time trying to get a mismatched prosthetic to look even, which cuts into her painting time, but the judges are impressed across the board with the finished, lovely look she created.

Nicole imagines a lovely yet powerful queen for her ruler of Agartha, the city at the center of the Earth, so when a male model shows up, she has to completely rethink her design. She has many false starts, but eventually embeds jewels in her character’s forehead and draws tribal markings in gold and white across his face.

Rashaad is excited to create a genie character as a ruler of Iram, land of the djinn. He chooses the purples and blues of legend for his paint work, but the colors turn out too heavy, especially in concert with the black wig he chose. He goes home on this one.

It’s down to Darla and Nicole, and they must create a bounty hunter from one of the planets in the Star Wars universe. They spin a celestial wheel of planets – Darla lands on Eadu, a mountainous land, and Nicole on the iconic desert landscape of Tatooine. Nicole is inspired by a large, sweeping cowl, and fits a highly textured, grimacing face prosthetic to it. She goes in with a complex paint job, one that she almost doesn’t have time to finish, but she neglects to blend the texture between the face and the cowl.

Darla has a similar issue: her face is that of a shapeshifter who must camouflage herself in the craggy mountains, but the cowl is humanoid and smooth. She covers it with some cool night vision goggles and a black scarf, making the transition less noticeable. She also laid down a gorgeous yet subtle paint scheme, and it is that, along with her previous two makeups, that make her the winner! She starts in disbelief when her name is called, and then glows with joy when she realizes she won!