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Episode Recap: Makeup to the Max

The artists must create beautifully grotesque spider-human femme fatales, Mad Max: Fury Road-inspired warriors, and classic monsters afflicted by a weakness that can kill them.


Four Face Off vets stride into the lab with roses in their cheeks and hope in their eyes. By the end of this day of intense competition, they’ll all be sweaty, spent shells of pure exhaustion. Let’s watch!

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Truly, everybody is happy to be here – Tate, Melissa, Adolfo, and Kelly – and they all have the good sportsmanship to be happy for each others’ wins. In honor of villains who are both scary and sexy, their first challenge will be to create a spider-inspired seductress in just 90 minutes. And that’s not even the hard part! They have to retrieve the pre-made prosthetics they’ll use from a terrarium full of creepy crawly fuzzy tarantulas.

Melissa doesn’t actually think this is scary: she has TWO pet spiders at home, and she says they’re rather cute! Adolfo, however, darts his hand in the tank and runs as if chased back to his station.

Tate’s prosthetics are going on smoothly, and he finds a cowl with patterns that blend perfectly with his pieces from the tank. He moves on to paint in good time, and maintains an air of calm all throughout the challenge. Take note, this is probably the only time someone will do that on this show.

Melissa is digging how her makeup is turning out, but a snag towards the end sends her searching for a wig and effects teeth to hide/distract from the technically inferior spots. Adolfo, who moments before the buzzer had a paint job that Ve compared to a child’s doodles, manages to complete a really cool beauty makeup AND paint his model’s skin nearly from head to toe. Kelly struggles with the paint job, and ultimately chooses a color scheme that sends her home.

Next, the artists will create their very own Mad Max character – a post-apocalyptic desert dweller inspired by a very special medical apparatus. Tate draws on his Native American heritage in the design for his chief with a bloody spear and a gas mask full of chrome, and Adolfo goes for a neck brace and some outlandish cheekbones. Melissa set herself a challenge when she tried to make her model’s lips look chewed off. Though there are many aspects that are gorgeous about her work, she, ahem, bit off more than she could chew and goes home.

The final challenge placed upon these warriors of paint is to create an iconic monster, partially deformed by its fatal flaws (i.e. silver bullets, holy water and a jar of sunshine). For Adolfo, this means a vampire melting in the sun, and he takes a huge risk by laying down a heavy undertone of purple in the skin. This could have ended up looking like The Count, but it’s actually pretty cool! Tate has always wanted to do a character who looked like they’d been wandering in the woods for decades, so he makes an ancient witch with a receding hairline and bloody pustules from where she got caught with some holy water.

For both of them, it’s a ton of work and a huge accomplishment in itself, but Tate’s work was just that much stronger – throughout the day, as well as in this challenge – and he takes home the $10,000 prize, and bragging rights. It’s been a long road! Congrats, Tate!