Face Off: Our Top Looks: Season 8, Episode 13

Tuesday, April 7, 2015 - 17:11

Welcome back to Our Top Looks, where nobody on Face Off is a Top Look unless we say so! Unofficially, anyway.

This week's challenge had the artists reimagining a classic Western character as a steampunk cyborg, because why not? For the most part, both "western" and "steampunk" were way out of the artists' comfort zones, but after some words of wisdom by genre guru Glenn Hetrick, they came up with some pretty rootin' tootin' characters.

Season 8, Episode 13: "Full Steam Ahead"

Top Looks (Judges):

1. Emily (Undertaker)
2. Darla (Blacksmith)

Our Top Looks:

  1. Emily (Undertaker)
    Emily continues her astonishing winning streak with yet another amazing character. That mouthpiece made this Undertaker especially intimidating and villainous. Man, if you have to die, don't die anywhere near this guy - lord only knows what he does to the dead bodies.


  2. Julian (Bank Robber)
    Julian didn't make it to the finale, but really only because his creation was the "least best" of the four characters. While both Darla and Logan may have done better overall work (relatively), we found Julian's bank robber to be arguably the most striking and memorable member of the Wild West Quartet. Really, any bank would be proud to be robbed by this guy.


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