Face Off: Our Top Looks - Season 8, Episode 9

Wednesday, March 11, 2015 - 00:38

It's hard to believe that a beauty pageant featuring alien beauty queens didn't happen on Face Off until the eighth season, but better late than never, no? This week had the artists creating an out-of-this-world contestant inspired by a real galaxy, with only one being crowned Miss Intergalactic!

Season 8, Episode 9: "Miss Intergalactic"

Top Looks (Judges):

1. Darla (Miss Sculptor Galaxy)
2. Adam (Miss Cigar Galaxy)
3. Julian (Miss Whirlpool Galaxy)

Our Top Looks:

  1. Emily (Miss Pinwheel Galaxy)
    This was a 'Safe' pick for the judges, but we liked the edgier look to Emily's beauty queen. She looks like she would be right at home on a Paris catwalk (Paris, Mars, that is), showing off the latest galaxy-gothic fashions.

  2. Ben (Miss Andromeda Galaxy)
    A Bottom Look for the judges, Ben's beauty queen was another of our favorites with its unique design (particularly with the eyes) that made it a stand-out. Really, she's distinctly 'alien' to us, whereas some of the other creations could pass for X-Men mutants.

  3. Adam (Miss Cigar Galaxy)
    Have you ever noticed that most of Adam's creations kinda look like him? His Miss Cigar Galaxy is no different, and we're with the judges on this one - that cowl is a one-of-a-kind class act.

Next Week: Where does the artist end ... and the model begin?