The Faces of Face Off: Season 8, Episode 3

Tuesday, February 3, 2015 - 13:42

Welcome back to The Faces of Face Off, where we get off on all the faces, (usually) sans makeup and prosthetics n' stuff.

Episode 3 of Season 8 had the artists creating a hybrid predator that incorporated the characteristics of both a plant and animal.

  1. McKenzie's announcement that this challenge would be guest-judged by none other than The Hunger Games heartthrob Josh Hutcherson inspired a variety of reactions from the Tributes, er, contestants …

  2. Kelly was especially excited by the opportunity to conjure a "mean, nasty, gnarly" beast …

  3. As was Daniel, who was rarin' to prove himself after ending up in Bottom Looks in the last episode with his not-simian-enough simian.

  4. The challenge inspired all sorts of lab shenanigans. We think this is Anthony. It's probably Anthony.

  5. It was Ben who won the challenge with the terrific Ram/Cactus hybrid he created with Darla. And he sure knows how to celebrate accordingly: below is the face of a man who just proposed to his girlfriend. On Face Off.

Now that's romantic!

Next Week: Let's see what cards the artists are holding ...