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Episode Recap: Bad to the Bone


The Face Off Loft is now a house divided: Those who thought Frank deserved to be eliminated, and those who thought Megan should've been the one to go. Tom makes no secret of his opinion that Conor's feelings for Megan could be his downfall.

But the drama will have to wait, as the next challenge is here: Each contestant must make a movie villain, a la Jason Voorhees and Freddie Krueger. There to offer key insight on what makes a villain iconic is Hollywood legend - and this week's guest judge - Sean S. Cunningham, the man who brought Jason to horror fans worldwide. And building the villain is just the beginning: The artists must also envision a fleshed-out back story, design a chilling poster and dream up a catchy tag line, all in three days.

Work begins, and the atmosphere seems like it couldn't get any more tense, until Glenn shows up. Can you hear the jaws grinding? Some, like Tom and Marcel, feel confident in their design concepts, but Anthony doubts his safe road of a Jekyll/Hyde-influenced madman. Everyone hedges towards the judges' preference for silicone appliances with varying success. Jo, who has never run silicone before, makes a flawless mold, but Gage and Marcel, silicone veterans, forget the crucial step of "releasing," or lubricating their molds so that the life cast of the model's face pops out and preserves the mask. After spending valuable time chipping out the life cast, they both manage to get their appliances out, and now it's jam time to meet the deadline and have their villains ready for the judges.

Sam's edges look bad, Tate's eyes don't fit, Anthony doesn't have time to secure the hairline - in short, everyone's jittery about getting the details in line to present to the judges. After the scoring session, Conor, Sam and Jo are safe. The other artists face critique, with positive reviews for and Gage's deformed lighthouse keeper and Tate's mind-controlling villain (high points for imagination, but lower for practicality). Anthony does not fare well - the judges find his design bland, and place him in the elimination circle. Megan is also at risk, with the non-functional teeth of her non-threatening photographer, and Marcel's roller rink, campy villain leaves the judges cold.

The winner is Tom's teddy bear nightmare, and he uses his consultation with the judges to slam Megan's talents and try to get her sent home. They agree that her artistry was weak this time around, but they take Tom's clear personal rancor into account, and ultimately decide that Marcel's complacency make him the one to go.

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